Worst Dressed at the Golden Globes 2012

And now here goes ..* bare your eyes * well actually its not that bad compared to recent years and these 3 that i have chose for worst dressed is a bit debate-able between people. Credit to ecorazzi , wiki-noticia and Aren’t we fancy for images.

Well i have no idea were to start .. Well the colour is awful the dress is just horrible all together ! The all baring pattern at the top is horrendous and basically just looks like bird feathers have been stuck on Lea’s body. Its not a good look and her posing doesn’t help ..

It wasn’t a very glee-ful night was it .. Dianna is usually very well dressed and well presented but here it looks as if she has used a cut up patterned table cloth and stuck it in layers = not a good look. The bottom of the dress is just too much and the overall look would look a lot better if the top half was kept with a long red mermaid skirt at the bottom giving it a simpler look but a lot nicer.

Madonna is really seen as some kind of style icon so its no surprise she is on the worst dressed list. Some think she did well here but personally its terrible ! The top half looks fine but when it reaches the beginning of the ivy green coloured bottom it just goes bad ! It looks as if a long piece of fabric has been cut up into squares and attached by a stapler, its a terrible look!

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