Met Ball 2013:Worst Dressed

The Met Ball in New York is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. Many A-list celebrities gathered in their couture gowns and some in their well interesting ensembles. This years theme was Punk a very popular trend around the 70s which was highly influenced from British designer Vivienne Westwood.  Not everyone makes the best impression at these sort of events and many were very downhill in the fashion stakes this year. Here below are my 3 worst dressed celebrities from the Met Ball. Do you agree? Who was your Worst Dressed ? Credit to bettyconfidential, and Daily Mail (Rex,David Fisher ) for images.

Kate UptonFirstly, Kate Upton makes the list. The model failed to impress in this very frumpy looking green dress by Diane Von Furstenberg. Her hair also looks very messy as if she hasn’t even styled it. Not to mention the theme of punk in this outfit; seems rather invisible here. While she is very pretty, this dress does her no favors what so ever and this dress is too plain for the Met Ball aswell as not suited to the theme either.

Kim KardashianNext on the list, is mom-to-be Kim Kardashian. Kim wore a floral print Givenchy dress with a slit up the side, this dress is completely unflattering considering she is pregnant. The dress is tight to the figure and for someone who is pregnant that is a big mistake. There is no words to really describe this but she does look like she is wearing old curtains, the print is too much and for her figure not suited at all. And yet again were is the punk …

Miley Cyrus

And last but not least Miley Cyrus. First of all I have to credit her for actually dressing to the theme but I cannot really credit her for doing it well .. The hair speaks for itself really – over the top a bit and complete with the Marc Jacobs fish net dress it all seemed a bit more like for a fancy dress party rather than high end fashion.

Worst Dressed of the Grammy Awards 2012

Now here is my worst dressed! I am only going to show 3 of the worst looks but sadly i have to say there was a lot of not so pretty looks on the red carpet on Sunday night! Do you agree with me ? Who do you think was the worst dressed ? Credit to and for images.




















This is just horrible ! Its from the Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Spring 2012 collection which i actually did a post on not that long ago. The dress isn’t as bad on the model from the runway show but I’m still not a fan of the fact that its see-through ! I don’t really want to see your underwear thanks , it would be a lot nicer if there was a layer of red sheath underneath and the model is sporting a red haired updo which i really like and i think Fergie should have been more adventurous with her hair.




















Ahhhhh !!!! What the hell is with those shoes !!?? This outfit is just a disaster !! starting with the big lumberjack style ridiculous looking boots.. Who the hell would wear these and especially to a red carpet event like the Grammys!!! Robyn has serious problems. This is just so embarrassing !! She is then took an oversized white tee and slapped on a white mullet style skirt which looked terrible and as if she has picked up a piece of white fabric and just sewn it on to the back of her skirt !! This outfit is a wreck !



















Oh God ! Just when you thought at least it could get a little better .. What the hell is this ! Nicki Minaj not only sported a stupid looking Versace red riding hood style cloak but she also had a man dressed as the pope on her arm.. Sorry but i cant even go into detail on this its a disaster :S

Worst Dressed of the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2012

Well with every best dressed list comes a worst dressed list (unfortunately) and sadly there is always a number of celebs who have come wearing something out their trashcan. Here is my pick of the 3 Worst Dressed at the SAG Awards on Sunday. Credit to, marieclaire and for images.





















This is Busy Phillips if you have no idea of who she is like i did until i seen her and this ghastly outfit. This blue-purpleish number was definitely not suitable for an award show and looked a lot like something you would wear down the beach = not a good look !! Thats all i have to say !


Another one on my worst dressed list is Jessica Chastain who again i have no idea of who she is until now obviously. Seems like its always the unknown in the worst dressed section , must be trying to pave their way into the spotlight.. This dress an be easily described in one word that is = BORING! Who would turn up to a glitzy event wearing something that looked like a free blanket you got off a plane with a U shape cut out to add some form of effect which it doesnt!

And last but not least is someone who i have actually heard of – Surprise Shock Horror !!  Its actress Zoe Saldana wearing a Givenchy Couture gown. It may be high fashion but its low in the scale of looking good. It just looks terrible and especially cheap due to the underlay of a tank top underneath her dress

Worst Dressed at the Golden Globes 2012

And now here goes ..* bare your eyes * well actually its not that bad compared to recent years and these 3 that i have chose for worst dressed is a bit debate-able between people. Credit to ecorazzi , wiki-noticia and Aren’t we fancy for images.

Well i have no idea were to start .. Well the colour is awful the dress is just horrible all together ! The all baring pattern at the top is horrendous and basically just looks like bird feathers have been stuck on Lea’s body. Its not a good look and her posing doesn’t help ..

It wasn’t a very glee-ful night was it .. Dianna is usually very well dressed and well presented but here it looks as if she has used a cut up patterned table cloth and stuck it in layers = not a good look. The bottom of the dress is just too much and the overall look would look a lot better if the top half was kept with a long red mermaid skirt at the bottom giving it a simpler look but a lot nicer.

Madonna is really seen as some kind of style icon so its no surprise she is on the worst dressed list. Some think she did well here but personally its terrible ! The top half looks fine but when it reaches the beginning of the ivy green coloured bottom it just goes bad ! It looks as if a long piece of fabric has been cut up into squares and attached by a stapler, its a terrible look!

My Least Favorite looks of 2011

Well , with every best dressed there is always a worst dressed … This year may have shown some beautiful outfits but there was definitely not so beautiful outfits aswell. Below i have selected 3 of my least favorite looks and really the pictures explain for themselves, I don’t think I really need to do much explaining to why these looks didn’t make the good list.  Can i also just add that this will be my last post of 2011 so can I just say a big Happy New Year to all my readers and i hope 2012 is a good year for you all and a big thank to your contribution to the blog. Thanks x Credit to (REX), Daily Mail (Splash) and Just Jared (Getty)

The worst of the Royal Wedding fashion

Well we have seen the good but with every good comes a bad and here i present you with the Royal Wedding Disasters and trust me its painful. First on the list is Tara Palmer Tomkinson who looked insane in this blue ensemble i really wonder what she was thinking when she bought this and the same goes with the hat it literally takes over her head and points to her nose so she must be pointing something out..  Another disaster was of course the unforgettable Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice who stole the headlines in their wacky outfits. Eugenie went for Vivienne Westwood Haute Couture with a Philip Treacy hat. The top looked far too tight on her and it didn’t do anything for her and her sister wasn’t much better who went with Valentino haute couture  and another Philip Treacy hat which stole the show for its insane design with people referring it to an octopus on her head. The last on the list is Labour leader Ed Milliband’s wife Justine who wore an all navy number with a crazy hat. This outfit did absoutley nothign to flatter her slim figure and was just another fashion flop! Who do you think was the worst dressed ?

Credit to Daily Mail ( Getty Images and EPA) for images

Worst Dressed at Past Oscars

You just can’t have a best dressed list without a Worst dressed list! To follow up to my last post here is a look back at some of the worst dressed at past Oscar Awards. The first one on the list is probably the most memorable Oscar outfit the swan dress worn by Bjork. She wore it to the 2001  award ceremony but maybe it would have looked better at this years awards if it was in Black – Black swan Ha lol ! Another unusual ensemble was Uma Thurman at the 2004 awards with this weird white dress and Cher also added to the unusualness back in 2000 with this disco like sequined outfit. To complete the list we have Diane Keaton in a very masculine tuxedo.

Who do you think is the worst dressed at the Oscars ?

Credit: Us Magazine-Gregg DeGuire/, Mirek Towski/FilmMagic and Marie Claire

Worst Dressed Celebs of 2010

Fashion can always go wrong and here I picked 3 of the worst dressed celebrities of 2010. They are.. Singer Ke$ha , Kanye West’s ex-Girlfriend Amber Rose and singer Nicki Minaj.  Here are why they made the list –

Who is your Worst Dressed Celeb of 2010 ?

Credit : WireImage , Fashioninmotion , Posh24 for the pics.