June Playlist

music-playlist-summer-2016-june-blogger-beyonceWhen it comes to holiday season I take my music listening pretty serious. With long hours lying out in the sun and travelling from A to B, I need my music fix so this playlist reflects some of the tunes that I’ve had on repeat over the month. Since I listen to a lot of music when I am away I like to check out albums that I hadn’t found time to listen to before. I am a huge fan of Twin Atlantic who have featured in many of my playlists although I hadn’t fully listened to their first album Vivarium which I am now hooked to. It has a much heavier sound to their other albums but I am all about it, some of my favourite tracks include Caribbean War Syndrome and You’re Turning into John Wanye. What is even better though was the announcement of their new album coming later this year with two new tracks that I am also loving. Aside TA, I am also enjoying the new release from Bastille as well as some older tunes from the Eagles and also XO by Beyonce which has to be my fave of hers! I basically feel like Beyonce listening to it, yup!

What have you been listening to lately?


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