Life Lately #6

life-lately-june-summer-bblogger-blogger-lifestyle-diaryWe are officially past the half way mark of the year, crazy how time flies. Even more so is the fact that I’ve also been away and back and July is on our doorstep. If you were reading these parts this time last month you would’ve known I was on holiday at the start of the month. I spent some time relaxing by the beach in the lovely island of Majorca in the Balearic Islands which was really nice. It was obviously really nice to escape the UK weather and enjoy spending my days doing something a little different with a view of the beach rather than my desk. When I was away I did have posts scheduled which were all summer related in the spirit of my holiday however I did just realise that Summer only began last week, oops! Gotta be prepared I guess haha! So Summer may not be mentioned again this year on this blog as I’ve pretty much covered it all lol!

Of course June also marks the month of exam results for me. I had absolutely no idea when I would receive them so I had a rather pleasant surprise when I got a text saying they were available in the middle of my holiday. Obviously that could’ve been a great thing or the complete opposite but very luckily I am happy to say that I passed all my exams. So roll on another year of studying, eek!

Last month, I spoke about my love for Parks & Rec, best show ever! Since I’ve finished that now, I have moved onto the US Office which I am enjoying. I am currently about half way through, so far so good. The first couple of seasons were a little tricky to get through but it definitely gets better! Film-wise, I went and seen Me Before You in the cinema which is the film version of the book by Jojo Moyes. It was pretty emotional although it did have a good bit of humour to balance it out, definitely one I recommend!

Lastly, I wanted to talk a little about food. I have mentioned many recipes on this blog before as I love baking and I really enjoy doing foodie posts. Although recently I’ve been bitten by the health bug. Okay not literally but food wise I have been trying to improve my diet. When I was on holiday I basically went crazy with food so on my return I was feeling inspired to change it up a bit. I am not the healthiest of eaters, I love snacking (a lot) and I love sugar, anything sweet and sugary has my name all over it. Obviously that isn’t the best for my diet and I thought it was time I switched it up a bit. I’ve been looking into many vegan, refined sugar free recipes for snacks etc and I am so up for a bit of a change. I am not up for going completely sugar free but I do want to cut it significantly and I am also not vegan or have gluten free needs however I use a lot of recipes suited to those. So basically I hope that I can change my lifestyle quite dramatically in terms of eating and become more healthier and hopefully if you are interested this is something I will blog about in terms of what I’ve been eating and my favourite recipes etc.

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What did you get up to this month?


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4 thoughts on “Life Lately #6

  1. I’m always so envious of you UKers/Europeans, as you can travel to fantastic places like the Balearics, and the trips are not so long!

    I’ve gone quite sugar/carb-free lately (not of my own choice, had gestational diabetes), and honestly, while it’s hard even for someone like me who doesn’t have a strong sweet tooth, it is so worth it. I felt like I had a lot more energy and just better overall. Good luck 😀

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    • I know, I take it for granted sometimes but we really are so lucky to be nearby so many lovely countries! Thanks! That’s so good! I feel the same, definitely more energised! I am actually really enjoying the challenge of trying new foods out etc! Hopefully it will be a lifestyle change for me that I can stick to!


  2. I really want to watch Parks & Rec – I’ve heard such good things about that show.
    June sounded like a mix month for you – vacation, exams etc. Congrats on passing on your exams! 🙂
    June has been a whirlwind for me too – coming back from vacation is always really disorienting. I’m shocked it’s the end of June already!

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    • You need to watch Parks and Rec! So so good! I had a bit of a breakdown when I finished it, couldn’t quite deal with it lol! Yes it has definitely been a busy month! Thanks 🙂 Indeed, it always takes time coming home from somewhere to get back into your normal routine again! I know it is so crazy we are entering July! I feel like Summer is going to go past in a blink!


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