Caring For Our Hands And Feet

hand-foot-cream-spa-body-care-imantara-thai-square-spa-blog-blogger-lifeAs beauty enthusiasts, we spend so much time and money looking after our facial skin yet it becomes to easy to neglect our feet and hands despite the fact that they are always working! It is definitely a step that I don’t reserve as much time for compared to my face yet it’s about time I did. iMantara is the new product range launched by the Thai Square Spa in London and I was lucky enough to try a couple of products from the range.

Starting with hands, the first product I got my hands on (no pun intended) is the Peaceful Palms Balancing Jasmine and Citrus Hand Lotion*. Now I am a huge lover of hand creams and I am pretty picky with my options. I have used a few okay products in the past and some I really like, particularly the Aesop one which is my favourite! I usually use hand cream every night although I have fallen out of my way with it slightly so this was a good reminder to start again. It comes in a large 240ml bottle which will definitely last a long while. The lotion itself feels very silky and soothing on the hands although as it is a lotion I do find it quite lightweight in terms of what I am used to. There is definitely a boost of hydration with it but I do find for night time it wouldn’t be as moisturising as I would like it to be however it does make a nice day time regular use lotion. The scent as well isn’t my favourite, there is a bit of citrus in their which I like but I’m not too keen on floral scents in a body care product but that is just my own preference. It does give off a very spa like scent though if you are into that!

Moving from top to bottom, I also received the Siamese Sole Foot Lotion*. I have very dry skin on my feet and I am always in need to care for them despite the fact that I am pretty lazy with this task. The foot lotion comes in a squeezy tube in a 100ml size. The cream is pleasantly thick and creamy and really works to add a lot of moisture into my cracked heels. The scent is also a lot more up my street as it has quite a mint-y scent from the addition of tea tree which works as an antiseptic perfect for hard-working feet. I coat my feet in this at night before bed to give them a proper coat of hydration! Out of the two products, I definitely prefer this and could see this being a firm favourite in my routine!

What is your favourite way to care for your hands and feet?


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