Caring For Our Hands And Feet

hand-foot-cream-spa-body-care-imantara-thai-square-spa-blog-blogger-lifeAs beauty enthusiasts, we spend so much time and money looking after our facial skin yet it becomes to easy to neglect our feet and hands despite the fact that they are always working! It is definitely a step that I don’t reserve as much time for compared to my face yet it’s about time I did. iMantara is the new product range launched by the Thai Square Spa in London and I was lucky enough to try a couple of products from the range.

Starting with hands, the first product I got my hands on (no pun intended) is the Peaceful Palms Balancing Jasmine and Citrus Hand Lotion*. Now I am a huge lover of hand creams and I am pretty picky with my options. I have used a few okay products in the past and some I really like, particularly the Aesop one which is my favourite! I usually use hand cream every night although I have fallen out of my way with it slightly so this was a good reminder to start again. It comes in a large 240ml bottle which will definitely last a long while. The lotion itself feels very silky and soothing on the hands although as it is a lotion I do find it quite lightweight in terms of what I am used to. There is definitely a boost of hydration with it but I do find for night time it wouldn’t be as moisturising as I would like it to be however it does make a nice day time regular use lotion. The scent as well isn’t my favourite, there is a bit of citrus in their which I like but I’m not too keen on floral scents in a body care product but that is just my own preference. It does give off a very spa like scent though if you are into that!

Moving from top to bottom, I also received the Siamese Sole Foot Lotion*. I have very dry skin on my feet and I am always in need to care for them despite the fact that I am pretty lazy with this task. The foot lotion comes in a squeezy tube in a 100ml size. The cream is pleasantly thick and creamy and really works to add a lot of moisture into my cracked heels. The scent is also a lot more up my street as it has quite a mint-y scent from the addition of tea tree which works as an antiseptic perfect for hard-working feet. I coat my feet in this at night before bed to give them a proper coat of hydration! Out of the two products, I definitely prefer this and could see this being a firm favourite in my routine!

What is your favourite way to care for your hands and feet?


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Recent Buys: The Body Shop

IMG_0051So I must confess, I have became a little Body shop obsessed recently. I went in for the first time in a long time back a few months ago and now I basically live there. I went in to get a little pressie for a friend’s birthday at the time and after receiving a pretty good deal for my next purchase of £10 off £25 I went back, got the deal again and you know how it goes, right? Anyway I wanted to share with you all some of the products I’ve bought in the last while from The Body Shop…

Vitamin Overnight Serum-in-oil – I picked this up a while back after seeing some rave reviews about it on other blogs. It comes in a cute little bottle with an even cuter dropper style applicator. I have used this pretty much every night since I bought it and its to help ‘Replenish and recharge moisture’ and it very much does so! Being an oil formula it helps make your skin feel so soft and hydrated.

Glazed Apple Body Polish – I picked this up not too long ago in their £25 off £50 deal (how fantastic!) after pretty much drooling over the collection for ages without even have a sniff at it but its apples…whats not to love!? And boy was I right, this stuff seriously smells amazing! I also picked up the soap in the same fragrance and with this collection being a Christmas collection its not going to be here forever sadly 😦

Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet – Another product from the Vitamin E range, I picked this up again in the recent deal after having it on my list for ages. To be honest the word ‘sorbet’ sold me and it really is a sorbet. I could sit and smell this stuff for ages, its dreamy. It has such a light and melting texture that just perfectly sinks into your skin and this paired with the serum is a dream come true. This is simply bliss! ❤

What’s your fave product from The Body Shop?




Tag: This or That


I had seen this beauty tag a few times and I decided to give it a try 🙂 I hope you try it too!


Blush or Bronzer
Blush, its easier to work with and can instantly change your appearance. I particularly love Rimmel Stay Blushed tint in Sunkissed Cherry.
Lipgloss or Lipstick
Lipstick definitely, I go light on lip gloss as it sticks to my hair too much.
Eyeliner or Mascara
Mascara – the one item I could not live without!
Foundation or Concealer
Foundation as you don’t always need concealer.
Neutral or Color Eyeshadow
Neutral, I love browns and bronze shades. Color is a bit too much for me.
Pressed or Loose eye shadows
Pressed as they are easier to blend and work with and loose eye shadows are too messy.
Brushes or Sponges
Brushes! I hate sponges.


O.P.I or China Glaze
O.P.I only because I have never tried China Glaze.
Long or Short
Long, I just think they look better and neater.
Acrylic or Natural
Natural. I would never have Acrylics because my nails are long enough already and they damage your nails too much.
Brights or Darks
Darks. Fall is my favorite season and I love all my dark shades of burgundy and browns.
Flower or No Flower
No Flower, I prefer simplicity.


Perfume or Body Splash
Perfume as its a longer lasting scent.
Lotion or Body Butter
Difficult choice.. probably Body Butter.
Body wash or Soap
Body Wash.
LUSH or Other Bath Company
LUSH! It smells amazing! I love their bubblegum lip scrub and their Snow Fairy body wash.


Jeans or Sweat pants
Jeans, I cannot live without them! I love Topshop Joni Jeans and New Look Supersoft Superskinny jeans.
Long sleeve or Short
Short sleeve just because I like wearing layers and I can never really find stylish long sleeve tops.
Dresses or Skirts
Dresses. I love a dress, super pretty and simple to wear.
Stripes or Plaid
Plaids, I love my plaid flannel shirts.
Flip flops or Sandals
Sandals, you can get super pretty ones while flip flops are a little more boring.
Scarves or Hats
Scarves, they can instantly improve your outfit and keep you warm, Bonus!
Studs or Dangly Earrings
Studs, they go with a lot more and are casual to be worn daily.
Necklaces or Bracelets
Necklaces, I love a big statement necklace which can completely change your outfit.
Heels or Flats
Heels. I am quite small so I do like a bit of height 🙂
Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots
Cowboy Boots, I wanna be a cowboy.
Jacket or Hoodie
Hoodie, they are very comfy.
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe
Forever 21, they have good basics at good prices.
Abercombie or Hollister
Saks 5th or Nordstrom
No idea, never shopped at either.


Curly or Straight
Curly, but just loose curls.
Bun or Ponytail
Bobby pins or Butterfly clips
Bobby Pins. I probably wore Butterfly clips when I was 5.
Hair spray or Gel
Hair Spray. I have never used gel.
Long or Short
Long, you can do more things with it.
Light or Dark
Dark. I think everyone suits dark hair but not everyone suits light hair.
Side sweep bangs or Full bangs
Full bangs.
Up or Down
Down always.


Rain or Shine
Rain if I’m inside, it makes me feel cosy. Shine for outside, I don’t want my hair wet haha.
Summer or Winter
Winter weirdly, I don’t really like the weather but I love my winter wardrobe.
Fall or Spring
Fall my favorite season, I love my fall wardrobe of coats and boots. Its so pretty.
Chocolate or Vanilla
Vanilla, always. I am probably the only person to say that.
East coast or West coast
West coast.


Lauren x