September Playlist

september-playlist-music-lifestyle-blogSeptember was an exciting month for music. I went and seen Mcfly live so of course I’ve been having a bit of a throwback to my childhood by constantly listening to some of their older stuff which I am still obsessed with. A lot of which is over 10 years old and I am still not sick of! September also seen the release of a couple of new exciting albums! Since I prioritised Mcfly this month, i haven’t had a lot of album listening but I am slowly but surely getting into the new Twin Atlantic album which I will probably feature next month! As well as that, I have also been hooked on some other tracks that I keep hearing repeated on the radio on a daily basis. The Chainsmokers song Closer is incredibly catchy and I am obsessed with the song Millionaire which is pretty good to dance to!

What have you been listening to lately?


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