Contouring and Highlighting With Seventeen

Seventeen Contour and HighlightContouring and Highlighting has took the beauty world by storm in the last year. Whilst it’s been a popular technique with make-up artists for years, it’s only now became a mainstream method with most major beauty brands launching their own products to help give that chiseled look. Whilst many higher end brands seemed to latch on to the contour/highlighting trend pretty quickly it took the drugstore a little while to really catch on with the latest beauty trend. Although one drugstore brand has served up a duo of products to help you nail the look. Seventeen have a couple of products from their range that I’ve been trying out, both of which can help create that sculpted and glowy look on a budget.

I am without a doubt a lover of the glowy look. The Seventeen Skin Wow 3 Way Highlighter* is definitely a product well up my street. Essentially a three-in-one liquid highlighter, it works as an illuminating primer for under foundation, an extra glow mixed in with foundation or a highlighter to add to the tops of the cheekbones. Personally I prefer this as a highlighter over the top of foundation to add that extra glow. The highlighter is super lightweight and blends beautifully on the skin. It isn’t overly shimmery or glittery but appears as a natural glow on the skin. At £5.99 it is such a bargain especially considering the 30ml size. A easy convenient product that I will love for a long time to come and a product that could easily rival many high end counterparts.

Whilst the contouring trend may conjure scary thoughts, there is no reason to be afraid of a little contour. The Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit* is the perfect everyday contour kit. The kit comes with a contour shade and a highlight shade both with a matte finish. As a pale skinned gal, I only need to use the contour powder light-handedly to create a sculpted look on the cheeks. The powders are super fine though and blend really flawlessly. As I do prefer a more sheen-y finish highlighter, I prefer using the liquid highlighter for highlighting on the cheekbones rather than using the matte formula. Although the matte highlight shade works really well to add a little glow all over the face and under the eyes rather than a full-on highlighter. Again at £5.99 it is a bargain and the contour shade alone is worth a lot more.

*pr samples

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13 thoughts on “Contouring and Highlighting With Seventeen

  1. I sadly tried and disliked this contour kit 😦 I wanted a bit more colour to play with, and maybe if it was a cream version I would’ve appreciated it a bit more! I’m really glad you enjoyed this though ❤ & got a lot more love & use out of it than I did!

    Serene | I Am Serene L

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