Discovering Maple Holistics

Maple HollisticsA couple of months ago I was approached by a brand named Maple Holistics, a US based natural beauty company about trying some of their products. With an impressive range of natural hair care and skincare products I was more than happy to try out a few products. I got my hands on a shampoo and conditioner as well as a face mask that I will give you the low down on.

Firstly, haircare. I got to try out the Argan Oil Shampoo* and the Silk 18 Conditioner*. One thing that I was really impressed by was the natural ingredients in these products. As I regularly get Keratin treatments i.e. Brazilian Blow-dry, I have to use hair products that are Sulphate/Sodium Free as these ingredients can strip the keratin out of your hair. You may be surprised but it is actually quite difficult to get a hold of such hair care products as most products use these ingredients so I never really have much choice when it comes to hair. Argan Oil works wonders for my hair and an ingredient I’ve been a fan of for a while now. With dry thick hair it really smooths down my hair and makes it more manageable so the addition of this to the shampoo is definitely a bonus. I always find that many sulphate free shampoos are not the greatest to work with, they usually don’t lather well although I was really surprised to find how well this lathered up on my hair. The conditioner again has a great ingredient list with 18 different silk acids which helps nourish and add moisture to the hair. The conditioner also has a slight vanilla scent to it and leaves my hair feeling healthy. The combination of the two have made my hair feel super smooth and soft. Two products I am really enjoying using at the moment.

The other product I received came from their skincare range, namely their Ancient Clay Facial Mask*. Probably the most unusual face mask I’ve ever used. The clay based mask comes in a tub pictured above basically like loose powder. To use the product, you have to mix the clay with water to create a paste and then apply to the skin. The actual creation of the mask by mixing it with water was a bit off-putting for me. I found forming the paste quite a messy task and it left me with a bit of cleaning up to do after which isn’t really what I am looking for when wanting to relax with a face mask. The good thing is though that you can tell that the clay will last a long while since you only need one scoop to create the paste. Also, when you apply the mask to the skin it feels really smooth and comfortable on the skin whilst still giving it a deep cleanse. As I obviously rely on a lot of other skincare products it can be tricky to tell what it’s doing for your skin but lately my skin has been glowing and feeling super fresh. By overlooking the messiness of creating the mask, it does perform lovely on the skin.

Thanks again to Maple Holistics for letting me try out their products, you can check out their website here. It is great to see a brand working ever so closely with bloggers so another thumbs up to them for their blogger connections which is sponsored by

*pr samples

Have you tried Maple Holistics? 


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