The Benefit Mascara Trio

Benefit Mascaras

Benefit Mascara TrioIf there is one brand that do mascara pretty darn well without a doubt it is Benefit. Benefit have a trio of offerings in the mascara department and each offers something pretty special. Mascara is one thing that one person will like and another won’t but for me personally Benefit mascaras are worth the rave and here is why…

Benefit They’re Real – The most popular out of the three, the much hyped They’re Real mascara. From what I am aware this is the best selling mascara in the UK and rightly so it is pretty darn good! This mascara is definitely a winner when it comes to lengthening the lashes and also adds volume and lifts the lashes. The wand is pretty good too by not being too thick allowing the bristles to separate the lashes.

Benefit Bad Gal Lash – Probably the least mentioned of them all. It is bit of throwback for many I am sure but still a decent offering. It isn’t as popular as the other two which is expected since the other two are much better options however that isn’t to say that it’s not good. I mentioned this one in my Spring Edit and it really is perfect for a natural everyday makeup look. It creates such lovely fluttery natural but voluminous lashes. The brush is pretty thick which would put many off but it isn’t actually all that scary, it really works to help lift and coat the lashes.

Benefit Roller Lash – I always save the best til last and this time is no exception. This is the newest of the bunch being released at the start of the year were it received a lot of hype from many bloggers. Suggested by the name, this mascara is said to give curl without the use of eye-lash curlers and it really does. This is definitely my favourite of the three, it does everything you would expect from a mascara. It creates such lovely full curled lashes, what more could you want!? You can see my full review on this one here.

What is your favourite Benefit mascara? 



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