Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette

becca-ombre-rouge-palette-makeup-eyeshadow-beauty-review-swatches-autumn-fall-red-berry-warm-toned-mac-217The Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette is a palette I have been reaching for a lot recently yet despite owning it for a while it seems to have gone under the radar in terms of blog posts. I haven’t mentioned this one much at all yet this simple but pretty palette is definitely one that deserves a second glance at in the beauty aisles.

From the first look at this palette, it is fairly simple with only five neutral shades. However the shades and performance of them make this a great staple to have in any eyeshadow collection. The shade range itself is neutral in tone but such a pretty selection of warm toned shades great for the upcoming season. The shades are arranged from the lightest to the darkest shade making it super easy to create a simple but defined eye look that can go from day to night. The shades vary with a selection of matte and satin finishes but across the board, the pigmentation is impressive with each shade having great colour pay-off. The formulas are also impressive in terms of longevity and last well on my oily eye lids even without primer which is quite a bonus!

The palette retails for £36 which is pricey for only five shades particularly when you can get a larger palette like the Urban Decay Naked palettes for around the same price however it does make a great everyday palette in my collection. The quality of the palette also makes this well worth the extra pennies! Definitely a palette that shouldn’t be overlooked!

Are you a fan of this palette?


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Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Review

charlotte-tilbury-magic-foundation-review-brush-beauty-blender-makeup-highend-luxuryThe Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation has been at the height of many rave reviews so of course I had to see what all the fuss is about. I’ve been loyal to Nars Sheer Glow for so long so it was about time I tried something new in the high end category. I am a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury and her always impressive beauty range so it was about time to try one of her base products. So is the Magic foundation all that magic?


The Magic foundation retails at £29.50 which is around the average price mark for a high end foundation. It comes in a tad cheaper than her Light Wonder foundation and is actually a decent price for the Charlotte Tilbury (CT) range considering she uses a more premium price point. It is also a little cheaper than the Nars Sheer Glow foundation so whilst it is still on the pricey side, it isn’t as eye-watering as some of her other products. The bottle design also boasts a luxury look as expected from the CT range. It makes a great dressing table decoration with a frosted glass design and a very pretty rose gold lid, I mean who doesn’t love a bit of rose gold!? Paying a high price, you will be glad to know this foundation also features a pump unlike some other high end foundations (*cough* Nars Sheer Glow).


This foundation comes in 15 shades so covers a really good spectrum of skin tones. I have Shade 2 which is a perfect match for my skin tone. Her website shows a very detailed description of each shade so it’s easier to match up if buying online (like me) or if you have a counter near by I would recommend picking up a sample. Also, if you buy from her website you can pick 2 free samples, one being the foundation to try out, something I should have done!


The foundation has a semi-matte/satin finish, much like Nars Sheer Glow. It isn’t too matte on the skin but isn’t dewy either although it does give off a little natural glow. It is probably my most preferred finish for a foundation and one that usually works the best for my combination skin. The foundation is marketed as being full-coverage so one that seems more appropriate for special occasions. However one of the first impressions I took from using this foundation is that there is no way it is full coverage. It is much more of a buildable medium coverage foundation. I definitely have to work in thin layers to build up the coverage as desired which does use up a lot of foundation for one use which is pretty disappointing particularly for a ‘high coverage’ high end foundation.


The actual application of the foundation was the most disappointing thing for me which sadly isn’t great considering it really is the most important factor to a foundation. The foundation applied incredibly cakey and was so drying on my skin. After trying out the foundation in different ways, I found the best method for application was to actual pat the foundation into my skin with a buffing brush opposed to buffing it in. Using that method, it sits much better on my skin and does appear as cakey or stick to dry areas. It has similar effects to many drugstore foundations I’ve tried were there is days were it looks decent and others were it doesn’t look great. The longevity also seems to vary on me as well but overall isn’t too bad. If there is one good point to mention, it is that the foundation does seem to wear better as the day goes on and with my makeup complete, the foundation looks a lot better than the first application.


As the holy grail foundation for many, sadly this fell a little short for my liking. The shade range is impressive as you would expect for a high end foundation but the application and coverage is such a disappointment for me. Foundations are always different for everyone but this foundation just doesn’t work as well on my skin compared to others. I can get away with it as it usually settles down during the day however I can’t see myself repurchasing this! For me it just doesn’t live up to the hype or the claims behind the foundation.

Have you tried the Magic Foundation?


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BareMinerals Complexion Rescue

BareMinerals Complexion RescueBare Minerals Complexion RescueLightweight bases were never really my thing. I was always in the illusion that I needed a heavy coverage base to cover my redness and any blemishes. Oh how wrong I was. After dabbling into the world of BB creams I have suddenly became all that interested in those lighter coverage bases. A product I heard rave after rave about was the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. A lightweight ‘tinted hydrating gel cream’ launched in time for the summer months. I finally caved into the hype when I saw a sweet deal on Feel Unique and I knew it had to be mine. As I always say foundations and bases can be a tricky field for me. I am usually always left unsatisfied with the exception of Nars Sheer Glow but I think I’ve now found a new winner in my books!

The Complexion Rescue leans more on the tinted moisturiser side of things with a very light but buildable coverage. It works well either blended with fingers or a brush. I tend to use a brush but both options still create a similar flawless result. As I picked it up online I was a little weary of the shade range and what would match me but I decided to go with shade 02 Vanilla which works out as the perfect shade for me. The finish of this base is very dewy. It is like your skin but better. It creates the most radiant and fresh looking skin. It really is the perfect no makeup makeup look. As someone with combination skin it works great on me and for someone with dry skin I can imagine the hydrating properties would also be greatly beneficial. Those with oilier skin types may need to rely on more powder for this one as the dewiness may be a little too much.

The lasting power of this base is also pretty decent. Every time I’ve worn this it seems to hang around for quite a while and even seems to look better as time goes on. It really is perfect for everyday wear and teamed with a good coverage concealer it creates the most flawless base. Also, with the addition of SPF 30 it really is a great base for summer and I really regret not buying this earlier as it would have been perfect for during my holiday back in July. Another great addition to this product (as if there wasn’t enough already) is the quantity. Now this base contains 35ml of product which is little more than your average foundation/base which is usually around the 30ml quantity. I don’t think I can rave about this product anymore, it really is the perfect base and one I can see myself repurchasing again and again.

What is your favourite base product?


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Mac Brave Lipstick

Mac BraveMac Brave swatchIt really didn’t take me long before I finally got my hands on the ever so popular Mac Brave. If you seen my last Mac lipstick post on Mac Mehr you may recall me lusting over this particular lipstick and of course by the time the post went live I had already purchased it. Typical. Now even if you don’t own Mac Brave you are probably aware of it through the hysteria that was created from the Kylie Jenner lip look. I know you are probably sighing at the mention of that again so forgetting the Kardashian connections, here is my latest Mac loving.

Now I mentioned Brave in my Mac Mehr post as they follow a very similar shading. Along with shades such as Twig and Faux these shades make up a range of similar 90s lip nude shades. Think mauve pink/brown colours that are the perfect my lips but better. Mac Brave takes more of a pink route similarly to Mehr but more muted. The soft pink shade is perfect for everyday wear and for something a little bolder it works perfectly paired with Mac Soar lipliner.

Mac Brave has a Satin finish which is probably my favourite finish of Mac lipstick. The formula is creamy to apply and feels comfortable (more so with lip balm underneath) but also has a demi-matte finish to it so feels a lot more long wearing.

I am super glad I picked this one up as I am loving it. It really is perfect for everyday wear and after picking it up in Duty Free it was pretty satisfying to save a few pounds!

Also, excitedly I wanted to let you all know that Styled by Lauren will be having a little makeover! Hopefully by the end of the week it will look a little different so I hope you like it but more on that later! Also, I now have a blog instagram account! Follow me @styledbylaurenblog!

Are you a fan of Mac Brave?


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The Summer Base: Topshop BB Cream

Topshop BB Cream ReviewThe BB cream, CC cream and Tinted Moisturiser are all the rage now. I have a feeling there is now also a DD cream and a EE cream? Anyway while everyone was getting excited over the lightweight base, to be honest I wasn’t really. With blemished skin I was always a little feared of touching something very light coverage thinking it wouldn’t quite work for me. However after dabbling in my first use of BB cream I realised how wrong I was.

Enter the Topshop BB Cream, described as a lightweight and flawless finish. Instead of lugging about a glass bottle of foundation on holiday I wanted something a little lightweight both in texture and physically. After a little Feel Unique browse I came across a sweet deal for this BB cream at only £5. Topshop’s beauty line has been hugely popular and hold a few of my favourite makeup products so its safe to say I had high hopes for this cute metallic tube.

Now I am going to start with the more problematic side to this BB cream. Now I am not particularly sure how many shades this comes in but there isn’t the widest variety (it goes with the light-medium-dark range). I picked up the shade Light-medium which is a little too dark for me. Being Summer and sporting a little more colour I can probably get away with this a little more but I do feel like the shade is a little too much on the orange side.

Shade woes aside, this BB cream has a decent SPF 20 which makes it perfect for Summer. It also has a slight sun-cream like scent to it which I love and just reminds me of Summer. Now the coverage in this stuff is where it gets impressive. It really has a good buildable coverage and was very impressive for a BB cream. While the concealer had to come out to play, it still created a good base. It also didn’t feel heavy and it had a slight dewy finish.

You may be aware of my relationship with drugstore foundations/bases but if not then basically we don’t have the strongest bond. I always find that some days they look great and other days not so much, this is definitely the same with this BB cream. Some days it blends beautifully and really creates a flawless finish but other days it feels a little more cakey and as if its sitting on my face. So really with this its a hit or a miss although when it is a hit, it really is a hit!

Are you a fan of BB creams?


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Discovering Origins

Origins SkincareOrigins is a brand I’ve wanted to try for so long so when I saw a kit of essential minis for only £15 I had to grab it! There is so many hyped Origins products that I’ve wanted to get my hands on but being a higher-end skincare brand I was a little resistant to part with my money so quickly. Therefore having a set of minis including some products I’ve wanted to try for so long is a great introduction to the brand.

First in the set was the Checks and Balances Frothy face wash. It does really what it says on the tin. It’s everything you would expect from a cleanser. The good thing about this cleanser is you only need a small amount and used with water it lathers up really well. As it has a frothy texture it really feels cleansing on the skin although if I could point out one negative with this it would be the scent. It’s not something that would bother a lot of people but for me I just can’t stand it. It’s nothing offensive, it reminds me of a traditional bar of soap scent (if that makes sense) but it’s just off-putting for me. For that reason, I wouldn’t buy this full size although don’t get me wrong its still a good cleanser.

Next up is the Modern Friction exfoliator which is a face scrub style exfoliator. Scrubs can often be harsh on the skin but this isn’t at all, it leaves the skin feeling smooth and well cleansed. While its decent enough, I personally prefer other types of exfoliators i.e toners rather than a scrub which I just find more convenient and more cleansing on the skin.

A product I couldn’t wait to get my hands on was the GinZing Energy-boosting moisturiser which totally lived up to expectation. The zesty scented moisturiser is a boost of hydration and as suggested by the name a boost of energy for the skin. It feels super refreshing and leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised. The only gripe I have with this product is the fact that is doesn’t have SPF in it which is a bit frustrating. Although it can be teamed with a base product with SPF which makes it less of an issue. I can definitely overlook the SPF issue and I would seriously consider buying a full size.

Last in the set was another Origins favourite being the Clear Improvement Charcoal mask. I haven’t had a lot of use out of this yet so I haven’t really noticed a change in my skin. Although it is a really refreshing mask. It doesn’t feel drying on the skin and it doesn’t feel stripping at all when removing it. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and cleansed. It’s one I need to try more of before coming to a full opinion on it!

Also when purchasing on the Origins website I received two samples. Again an introduction to a product I had been so excited to try; the Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask and also the Drink up 10 minute mask. Both masks are very similar and have the same concept by giving the skin a boost of hydration although obviously one is used overnight and the other being a quick 10 min fix. Both masks have an incredible peachy apricot scent and feel so moisturising and refreshing on the skin. Although for the time being my skin hasn’t actually been very dry at all so this is a mask I will really need to test out in the Winter time!

Are you a fan of Origins?


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Mac Mehr Lipstick

Mac Mehr

Mac Mehr SwatchI can’t be the only one who has a designated wishlist set for Mac lipsticks, right!? With an extensive range of pretty much any shade you are looking for and great formulas there is never a time when I am not lusting after a newbie. A shade that I had high in my list for a while was Mac Mehr after seeing it sported by Lily Pebbles on many occasions. I was then very lucky indeed to be the winner of a Mac lipstick giveaway ran by the lovely Molly from The Rose Beauty Files and of course my choice of lipstick was a no-brainer, really…

I find the colour of Mehr pretty hard to describe. Mac describe it as being a Dirty blue pink. Whilst I tend to think it lies more on the brown-y near red side of things. I always tend to think of the colour as being a cranberry colour just that little more pink. I find it very similar in colour to my favourite Mac lipstick; Twig which is more of a brown toned lipstick and less pink. The shade also echos the 90s nude lip trend with Mac Brave and Mac Faux looking like close family members in the colour wheel.

Mac Mehr is of a matte finish lipstick so you can rely on it to stick that little bit longer than a more creamier formula. Being matte, Mac have quite a reputation of being quite drying on the lips but this shade particularly doesn’t seem to be too drying at all. It glides on well and is comfortable on the lips. It isn’t the most long lasting matte I’ve ever tried so it doesn’t actually feel much like a matte lipstick but don’t get my wrong it still does have a decent lasting power.

Teamed with Mac Soar lip-liner it is the perfect combination. The liner creates a good base underneath to help the colour stay a little longer. It is one of those shades that is good for everyday wear but also a good one teamed with a bold eye look for an evening out. With its similarities to Twig, I knew this one would grow to be a favourite. I now just need Faux, Brave and any other similar shade cause why not! Thanks again to Molly for letting me tick this one off my wishlist!

Update: I now may have picked up Mac Brave… it was totally calling my name, I just couldn’t say no…

Have you tried Mac Mehr?


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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Diffused Heat

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blusher Diffused Heat

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Diffused Heat

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Diffused Heat SwatchIt’s times like this that I wish emojis were part of physical keyboards because this has the heart eyed emoji written all over it. After dreaming of owning this beauty for so long I finally checked it off my wishlist. The beauty in conversation here is of course the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat. It is safe to say this is the most beautiful blush I have ever owned.

At £28 a pop, its a pretty pricey option although being as pretty as it is you can understand the higher price tag. Rather than just being a standard blush, the Hourglass options offer something a little different. The blushes take on a hybrid of highlighting powder and the blush pigment to create something glowy and radiant to erase that flat look that many blushes deliver. The powder is super lightweight and finely milled so it feels super soft and silky when applying.

The blushes come in a number of different shades but I went for probably the most vibrant shade in Diffused heat. Diffused Heat is a beautiful poppy coral shade with swirls of a yellow based highlighting powder which also happens to be Diffused Light from their Lighting Powder range (which I also need!). Once applied on the cheeks, it creates a beautiful light buildable flush of colour that is long wearing and keeps the base looking fresh and glowy. Perfect for Summer!

I think I’ll be adding some of more onto my wishlist and now I just need a super good brush to go with it… any suggestions?

Are you a fan of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes? 


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OPI Guy Meets Gal-veston

OPI Guy Meets Gal-vestonI’ve finally put my darker greys and blues away in favour of something a little more summery for my nails. You can never go wrong with a classic red. It adds a little more vibrancy to any outfit but still remains sophisticated and chic. The red I have been sporting recently comes from OPI in the shade name ‘Guy Meets Gal-veston’ which doesn’t make much sense to me but it’s what’s in the inside that counts, eh!? The formula of this is spot-on. A long-lasting formula with an opaque finish in 2 coats. The consistency is rather weird, a very thin and watery like formula but weirdly builds up a really good colour. I only own a couple of OPI polishes so I am not incredibly familiar with the brand but with the quality of this nail polish, I will definitely be looking to expand my collection!

Are you a fan of OPI nail polish? 


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