How To Work With A Budget

How to Budget Properly beauty budgetingBeing a student alongside having an obsession with luxury beauty products as well as the desire to splurge on expensive handbags is pretty difficult to manage. I can’t help but cringe at the thought of what I’ve spent my student loan on! As part of my New Years Resolutions, I mentioned the goal for being a little more effective with my money this year. So far, whilst I’ve made a few spendy purchases here and there, it is really something I am trying to get on board with especially with saving money. As I am sure I am not the only one trying to spend less, I thought I would round up some helpful tips for anyone else in the same shoes.


One of the most important steps to managing a budget is to actually monitor your spending. It sounds obvious but to be a little strict on yourself I am not talking just regularly checking your bank balance. Instead taking a note on paper of what you wish to spend during the month and how much you will allow yourself to spend. I love a bit of stationary so I do take pleasure in writing down a budget for each month as well as my spending priorities for the month ahead. If pen and paper is too old school for you then you can’t beat a well detailed spreadsheet! I like to plan ahead on what I am going to spend each month and put those items as my priority to buy if they are all within budget (obviously). Any other purchases that take place can also explain reasons as to why you may be falling out of your budget which is a good learning step for being more strict next time!


I can’t deny my status as a full on hoarder. I always try and find reasons to hold on to old clothes etc when in reality they serve no purpose. Having a good clear out of your stuff is a great way to really see what you own and what needs to replaced. Although the great thing about finding old things that no longer have a use is the monetary benefits that come with it. Make use of the likes of eBay and Depop by selling off old clothes and even beauty products which in return gets rid of your clutter as well as gaining some cash. Essentially killing two birds with one stone!


Leading on from the last point, by looking at what you actually own you can rediscover some old gems. With things like beauty products having expiry dates it may be the encouragement to start using up older products before buying more new products. You can even experience that joy of finally using up a full product! It doesn’t just have to be makeup though, looking through your wardrobe can allow you to find clothing you haven’t worn in a long time and also eliminates the need for newer clothes.


Two common phrases in the beauty blogging world. If you are really looking to save your hard earned cash and be super strict on yourself you could adopt a No Buy option. In a time frame of your choice, most people choose a month which is always a good length of time, by doing a ‘no buy’ you are essentially on a spending ban meaning no purchases for that amount of time. This can be adjusted to your own personal requirements as obviously things like food etc can be made an exception. On the other hand if a full on spending ban is a little too strict you could try a Low Buy option. As it suggests simply keeping spending to a minimum. Again it is something that you can adjust to your own preferences but for example sticking to a certain amount of products e.g. a new foundation and a cleanser etc. rather than over-consuming.


I love a good loyalty card as much as the next person does. Being rewarded for my custom is a very important factor for me when choosing where to shop. Plenty of brands do loyalty rewards particularly many beauty retailers so they are something to take advantage of. I spoke in detail about loyalty cards before here, so check that out if you want to find out about different types of rewards systems that retailers offer. If you own loyalty cards then ensure you keep on top of your points balance etc as you could use this towards a purchase and save yourself a few pennies!

What are your budgeting tips?


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5 thoughts on “How To Work With A Budget

  1. Great advice! Many of which I did when I was on my No-Buy last year. It’s so important to track expenditures – it’s really quite eye opening to see where money goes.
    A “trick” I do is to pay cash for things instead of debit or credit. There’s just something psychological about laying down CASH rather than using plastic to pay. I can visually see my cash depleting out of my wallet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 🙂 It definitely is eye opening to see where money goes and how quickly too haha! I like your trick! I definitely know that feeling! I weirdly don’t like having cash on me just because I hate carrying a purse so I always use card out of convenience but I so know what you mean! I always felt guilty about taking more money out of my purse!


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