Three New Makeup Tools

Makeup toolsSplurging on expensive makeup is pretty pointless if you don’t have good makeup brushes and tools to apply them. I am slowly but surely building my makeup brush collection by trying to find the perfect brush/tool for each area of makeup and I recently added a few more to my collection.

Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush – If you seen my 2015 wishlist you may recall seeing this included. I heard so many great reviews on this brush for foundation use with many YouTubers and fellow bloggers raving about it. Prior to using this one I relied on my Real Techniques Buffing Brush which is a great option for foundation and a much cheaper alternative. When I first got this I was a bit unsure since I was pretty happy with my RT brush but now I am a total convert. Paired with my Nars Sheer Glow this is the perfect brush for such a flawless finish. It is much more dense than the RT brush and is smaller too making it perfect to really get into every area of the face. Only negative is that I am now lusting over a couple more Bobbi Brown brushes!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – Now I may have traded my RT buffing brush for an alternative but I don’t think I would ever turn my back on Real Techniques altogether. They really are a fab brand, making quality brushes at an affordable price. One thing I never thought I would be buying though is a sponge. When I first started getting into makeup the one thing I used to apply my foundation was those cheap sponge wedges which were pretty disastrous. Although it is safe to say this sponge isn’t any were near that level. I bought this sponge after seeing the Beauty Blender being raved about a lot as well as this being mentioned as a dupe so I thought why not jump on the bandwagon. I have been using this mostly for concealer as the shape is great for covering the under eye area and also the tip is also good for dabbing in other areas. I’ve really been liking using this although I am yet to try it for foundation so I will definitely need to try that out too!

MAC 217 Brush – The iconic 217. I must admit I am a bit of an eyeshadow noob. A smokey eye for me is more like a got into a fight black eye situation. Not pretty. Now everyone basically raves on end about how great this brush is and for the longest time I really wanted it and pretty much needed it. Its meant to make eyeshadow a breeze and my god it does. I don’t even know how I survived this world without a MAC 217. It works as a good all-rounder, packing colour onto the lid and blending out in the crease. If your eyeshadow isn’t quite up to scratch then I suggest this mighty brush! I could quite do with a second 217 if I’m honest…

Are you a fan of any of these tools? What tools do you rely on? 



18 thoughts on “Three New Makeup Tools

  1. I’ve got the Real Techniques beauty blender and i’m yet to fall in love with it! I’m going to persist though, I see too many great reviews on it not to give it a good go! I’m very jealous of the 217 brush. It’s mentioned everywhere so it must be amazing. For now i’m sticking with my Elf blending brush which does the job. Great post! Would love to know how you find the beauty blender for foundation. Holly 🙂 x

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    • You should definitely keep trying with it, hopefully you will find something to use it for! It looks pretty handy for other cream/liquid products too like contouring products so thats definitely worth a try! I am so in love with the 217 brush, it really is worth the hype! Thank you 🙂 I will definitely get round to using it for my foundation some time, everyone seems to say it has pretty good results!


  2. Oh I love my little orange egg from RT! That sponge is a lifesaver. I tend to apply my foundation with my fingers and than blend it all in with the sponge: amazing natural result 🙂
    xxx Anne

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  3. The Bobbi Brown BRIUSH
    yes yes yes
    everything she makes is amazing
    I am the same with smokey eye look
    Lol 🙂 It’s way messy and that’s why i kinda stick to bright lips and neutral eyes
    unless someone else is doing it
    Good for you
    and all this fun stuff xoxoxo

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