My Favourite Youtube Channels for Fashion/Beauty Inspo

avourite-youtube-channels-beauty-fashion-youtubers-online-contentYouTube is one of my favourite platforms for exploring all things beauty and style. Whilst blogs give me great inspiration and I always thoroughly enjoy reading, there is something nice about also being able to see a person talk or show something in video format. I have never really been into the whole ‘YouTuber’ thing but there is many channels out there that I watch religiously. My tastes in YouTube channels obviously reflect the kind of content I write on my blog so I thought I would share some of my favourite channels that give me inspiration from beauty to style and to general lifestyle.


Lily Pebbles

Probably one of my first favourite beauty YouTube channels that I got hooked on to. I adore Lily’s content, she creates such well edited and put together videos particularly her montage-y videos and her vlogs are by far my favourite vlogs to watch! I’ve put her under the beauty category however she does make a great mix of lifestyle-y videos.

I Covet Thee

Alix is also a long time favourite of mine. Again she does a great mix but her beauty videos are definitely my favourite to watch. She is always influencing many of my beauty buys and I always love her natural pretty makeup looks. Again her videos are so beautifully edited!

Lisa Eldridge

Of course I have to mention the makeup queen. If you are looking for tutorials to seriously learn the art of applying makeup then Lisa is your gal! She is by far my favourite makeup artist as I just adore the passion she has for it and the whole idea of enhancing what you already have!


Lydia Elise Millen

I have always been more of a beauty watcher on YouTube however I am totally into style and have developed a few new loves. I adore Lydia’s classic style and her down to earth personality. Her luxury hauls always draw me in and I am left just drooling over another handbag!

Chase Amie

A very recent love of mine is Amie’s channel. I am truly obsessed with this gal! Her channel is mostly related to luxury accessories which is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine right now. What I love about her though is that she has such a calming voice but also she appears so friendly and down to earth and not in anyway braggy or snobbish about her very impressive designer bag and shoe collection! Her videos are also wonderfully informative and interesting!

Heyyy June

Another luxury channel is June’s which I am also loving, can you tell I am having a luxury moment right now!? Again I adore June’s very pleasant and friendly attitude despite talking about her vast luxury collection. Her reviews are always very in depth and who knew I would be craving a bit of Louis Vuitton again but damn June makes me want a LV Speedy more than anything else!


Vivianna Does Makeup

Back to an old favourite, Anna of course. I thought I would mention Anna under lifestyle despite her beauty and style content which I love however she does some great other lifestyle-y videos. She is a great healthy fitness inspiration for me and I love catching up on what cookbooks she recommends and her new favourite healthy recipes! Again like everyone else I mentioned, she has a great personality and I feel like I know her personally!

What is your favourite YouTube channels? 


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My Top 5 Favourite Bloggers

IMG_5017Being in the world of blogging has got me obsessed with reading blogs. Since I created a Bloglovin, I can’t stop reading beauty blogs and watching Youtube videos from all my fave bloggers/vloggers. For me, it always helps for a little inspiration when I have bloggers’ block and I have no idea of what to blog about and for trying out new products. I never try a new product without reading reviews from blogs, is that just me? Anyway here is my top 5 bloggers who I just love having a good read at:

1. Lily Pebbles – Probably my favourite blogger. Lily does some great review posts and I just totally admire her effortless style – its so up my street! I am also a huge fan of her videos, she does some great tutorials and some fun vlogs.

2. Vivianna Does Makeup – There is no Lily without Anna. Her and Lily are the perfect beauty duo. Anna also does some fab tutorials and reviews and her videos with Lily truly are the best!

3. Essie Button – How could I not mention Estee! If you haven’t watched one of her videos you are missing out, I love Estee’s blog but nothing beats her youtube videos were her fun and vibrant personality comes alive! Can I please go shopping with this girl, like seriously!! 🙂

4. Ghost Parties – Kate is the queen of photography. Her photos are always so perfect and her posts are all varied with beauty reviews, fave products and even a touch of interior which I love!

5. Hello October – Last but not least is the lovely Suzie from Hello October. Her style posts are amazing and if I had to get my eyeliner attempts to look like hers I would be pretty happy.

So who are your fave beauty/fashion bloggers?