British Fashion !!

Well as its the Queen’s diamond jubilee this weekend many stores are stocking up on all union jack stuff aswell as many British designers playing a part in making Britain’s name shout out loud this weekend. Below are a few pieces inspired by the Union Jack design so enjoy and if you’re British feel proud! 🙂  P.S Hover over images for price and shop and please remember to follow on twitter @4everfash , there is a lack of followers .. your help would be much appreciated and if you want to leave any feedback on the blog please feel free . Credit to and for images.

The worst of the Royal Wedding fashion

Well we have seen the good but with every good comes a bad and here i present you with the Royal Wedding Disasters and trust me its painful. First on the list is Tara Palmer Tomkinson who looked insane in this blue ensemble i really wonder what she was thinking when she bought this and the same goes with the hat it literally takes over her head and points to her nose so she must be pointing something out..  Another disaster was of course the unforgettable Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice who stole the headlines in their wacky outfits. Eugenie went for Vivienne Westwood Haute Couture with a Philip Treacy hat. The top looked far too tight on her and it didn’t do anything for her and her sister wasn’t much better who went with Valentino haute couture  and another Philip Treacy hat which stole the show for its insane design with people referring it to an octopus on her head. The last on the list is Labour leader Ed Milliband’s wife Justine who wore an all navy number with a crazy hat. This outfit did absoutley nothign to flatter her slim figure and was just another fashion flop! Who do you think was the worst dressed ?

Credit to Daily Mail ( Getty Images and EPA) for images