Welcome to the new Styled By Lauren

Styled By Lauren

So if you read my Mac Brave post or if you follow me on Twitter then you may have been aware of the little changes planned around Styled By Lauren. Now after so long of debating a little change finally my little online space is looking fresh and new. I was getting a little bored of the old layout and it was leaving me a little frustrated. Now I am super happy to have a new improved site (imo anyway!) for you all which hopefully you all like as much as I do.

I always like things to be clean and simple so my blog pretty much is that. I also wanted to inject some little personal touches along the way so I have updated the pages and navigation too so hopefully it is a little easier for you guys having a little browse!

As you may see I have also finally updated my domain *celebration dance*. I was getting rather annoyed by my old wordpress domain which of course still contained the ‘4everfashion’ name which was getting a little old now! So you can now catch me here via styledbylauren.org although you can still access my blog via the wordpress url. Also, in the topic of newness I briefly mentioned previously that I am now on Instagram! If you like a dose of beauty related images then follow me here @styledbylaurenblog and I will happily follow you back!

Thanks again to everyone who reads my blog, you are all awesome and I hope you enjoy my new design! Please do feel free to have a little explore, enjoy!


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Social Media & Blogging Update

Blogging Social Media AccountsHello everyone 🙂 I wanted to do a little update post just to share a few things with you all and also let you know of my existence in the world of social media. So firstly, I would like to thank everyone who follows me on any platform. I reached 400 followers on WordPress not too long ago as well as 200 on Bloglovin, so thanks so much! Also, I would like to thank everyone that tagged me in a blog award post, its feels super nice for anyone to think of my blog so thank you. Although, I would also like to apologise for not being able to make any related blog posts on those awards over the last few months. Since I have been sticking to a blogging schedule I haven’t really had the time to fit them in but I really do appreciate all the nominations! Lastly, I also want to share with you all my social media accounts. I have linked them below if you want to give me a little follow, I will certainly follow you back!

Bloglovin – STYLED

Pinterest – Styled By Lauren

Twitter – @styledblog

Thanks again and I will see you all again for another beauty post on Monday 🙂