Beauty Blender vs Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

beauty-blender-sponge-versus-real-techniques-complexion-sponge-makeupThe question every beauty lover wants to know, what is better; the original Beauty Blender or the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge? I’ve never been much of a sponge person when it comes to makeup application but I soon began daily using my RT sponge and could easily see the hype around using one. I had never been overly fussed about an expensive pink sponge but after enjoying using the RT one, I thought it was time to try out the incredibly hyped Beauty Blender. So having tried both is the beauty blender a waste of money or worth the hype?


One of the most obvious differences between these two sponges is the price. The Real Techniques sponge retailers for a much more affordable price at £5.99 whilst the Beauty Blender comes in at more than double at £16. In terms of the shape of the sponges they also differ quite significantly. The Beauty Blender is simply a rounded egg shape whereas the Real Techniques Sponge has a little more shape to it in the way that is offers a flat edge for using round the eyes. The texture of the the two also differ with the Beauty Blender being much more bouncy and lighter compared to the Real Techniques which is more firmer in texture. For me, the Beauty Blender comes out on top for the shape/texture with the bounciness making it easier to work with.


In terms of application, the Beauty Blender wins outright. One of the problems I had with the RT sponge was that it soaked up a lot of product so I never got on with it when applying foundation and stuck to using it for patting in concealer. I’ve found the Beauty Blender to be much superior, it doesn’t seem to soak up the product probably from the lightweight texture. Even when wetting the sponge, the Beauty Blender doesn’t hold as much water compared to the RT one which I was always having to squeeze the excess out of. The bouncy texture of the Beauty Blender also makes it far superior for working with and it blends much better on the skin than the RT one. The flat side of the RT sponge can be useful for under the eyes but really I have no problem using the BB and the texture is much better to work with.


I think it is clear to see that the Beauty Blender wins the game for me. It is pricey for a sponge but it is so worth it in comparison to the likes of the RT sponge. The texture of the BB is unbeatable being soft and bouncy which works so well in application. The stiffer texture of the RT sponge and the soaking up of product makes it much weaker in my eyes. Whilst I got good use out of it and the price is great, I just think for better results it is a good and better investment to pick up the Beauty Blender. Well worth the hype!

Are you a fan of the beauty sponge?


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