Real Techniques Core Collection

Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes

Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes KitI have mentioned my love for the Real Techniques brushes a lot on my blog but I haven’t properly reviewed them. So obviously for this reason I thought I would do a proper review on the core collection set. The Core Collection set contains 4 face brushes perfect for creating a flawless base! The great thing about these brushes is that they can be used for a number of different makeup products and not just the main use they are provided for. Below I have listed each brush and what they can be used for.

Buffing brush – Firstly is the buffing brush. This is great for buffing in foundation whether it be liquid or mineral. For anyone looking for a brush for foundation that is affordable but still good quality, this is the direction I would be pointing you in. Even though I tend to use my Bobbi Brown brush now for foundation I still can’t fault anything in this brush. It is also really good for powder if you are covering larger areas and I also tend to pick this up if I need to blend out harsh lines from bronzer or blush.

Contour Brush – Probably my most used brush from this collection these days. This brush is intended for contouring hence the name! However it can be used for other things too. Due to the size of the brush it is really handy for buffing in concealer in larger areas. It is also great for powder if you are setting over small imperfections. Also, it is really great for blush by adding a little colour to the apples of the cheeks. So, pretty much a good all-rounder brush!

Flat Pointed Foundation Brush – This is probably my least used brush from this collection. In fact I really don’t tend to use this. As suggested by the name it is intended to be used for foundation however I am not really a fan of flat foundation brushes and this is also a tad small in my opinion. However it can be a useful tool for working with smaller areas of the face and could also be handy for concealer particularly under the eyes due to the shape and size of the brush.

Detailer Brush – This is a tiny addition to the collection and perfect for working with really small areas. Again I don’t pick this one up a lot, only if I have any red blemishes that need a little more attention. This is great though for concealing spots or imperfections and can be used to pinpoint areas for a flawless base a la Lisa Eldridge style.

Are you a fan of the Real Techniques Brushes? 


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