Social Media & Blogging Update

Blogging Social Media AccountsHello everyone 🙂 I wanted to do a little update post just to share a few things with you all and also let you know of my existence in the world of social media. So firstly, I would like to thank everyone who follows me on any platform. I reached 400 followers on WordPress not too long ago as well as 200 on Bloglovin, so thanks so much! Also, I would like to thank everyone that tagged me in a blog award post, its feels super nice for anyone to think of my blog so thank you. Although, I would also like to apologise for not being able to make any related blog posts on those awards over the last few months. Since I have been sticking to a blogging schedule I haven’t really had the time to fit them in but I really do appreciate all the nominations! Lastly, I also want to share with you all my social media accounts. I have linked them below if you want to give me a little follow, I will certainly follow you back!

Bloglovin – STYLED

Pinterest – Styled By Lauren

Twitter – @styledblog

Thanks again and I will see you all again for another beauty post on Monday 🙂 



Pinterest: The Half Top Knot

The Half top KnotsWhen it comes to hair styling I look for something pretty effortless. I will put my hands up and say I am useless when it comes to styling my own hair. My hair is very thick and curly which makes styling not very manageable (for me anyway). Recently I have got caught up in the half top knot trend, simple and looks pretty good (imo).

As usual Pinterest is there in my time of need supplying me with bucket loads of inspiration. Above are some pins featuring the half top knot style. I was a bit weary at first when wearing this style as part of me felt kinda silly and I still see images on Pinterest which slightly puts me off although I have established the key is to keep the bun low. These pins above make it look uber cool and basically makes me want to half-top-knot it everyday. I usually wear my hair straight and tie up the front into a bun although I am totally loving the look of wavy hair with a bun! I now just need to master the beach wave look!

Are you a fan of the half top knot trend? Check out my hair Pinterest board here!

Image sources: top left; top right; bottom left; bottom right




The Me Time Tag

Me Time Tag
Time for another tag 🙂 I do enjoy a good bit of me-time, just being able to chill, do nothing and most importantly not worry about completing any essays or uni coursework! I thought I would try out the ‘me-time tag’ so do enjoy and try it it out yourself!
1. What do you like to watch or read during me-time?

I do love reading a good selection of blogs both on WordPress and Bloglovin. In terms of books I am not the biggest reader but I did get some John Green Books a while back and have started to dig my way through them. Watching wise you can never go wrong with Friends! I also like to spend my spare time catching up on programmes such as Glee and 2 Broke Girls.

2. What do you wear during me-time?
Pyjamas, Pyjamas, Pyjamas. If I could wear pyjamas all day every day I would. I love Jack Will’s selection of nightwear, their leggings are so comfy and pretty. I also love a good comfy hoodie 🙂
3. What are your favourite me-time beauty products?
A good face mask never goes a miss! I’ve been alternating recently between the Lush Mask of Magnaminty and the Glam Glow Super-mud mask which both make my skin feel super soft.
4. Current favourite nail polish?
Tricky one! I never really have one single favourite nail polish but I am currently totally in love with Essie Maximillian Strasse Her and Chanel Tenderly (more of them two later!).
5. What do you eat or drink during me-time?

Anything that is really bad for me! I love a bit of nutella on toast and a Cadburys Hot chocolate with whipped cream ❤ If I am feeling that little bit more nutritional then I will go for some sliced apples with peanut butter.

6. Current favourite candle?
Tricky one again. I love my candles. I love anything sweet so one of my favourites is the Yankee Candle in Vanilla Cupcake, its so sweet and smells incredible. I am also loving the Diptyque Mimosa candle which smells so fresh and clean.
7. Do you ever have outdoor me-time?
Not unless its summer and its warm outside when I might go a walk.
8. Would you ever go and watch a film alone?
Probably not. I am not much of a film watcher and don’t really go to the cinema much but if there was a movie I really wanted to see I would maybe go alone but I would probably go to a far away cinema not local so no one would spot me haha!
9. Favourite online shop?
You can’t go wrong with a bit of ASOS! They have such a wide selection of brands and there is always something for everybody. I also have quite the habit of checking the ‘New In’ section on the Topshop website on a daily basis. If I am feeling quite adventurous I will check Etsy for some DIY inspiration.
10. Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?
I spend a lot of time looking and dreaming over images on Pinterest, sad life I know. I also use my time to check the great world of social media, fun!

Pinterest: Coats and Sneakers Trend

Sneakers and CoatsI would say that I’m not really one to follow trends or have a specific style role model that I copy, I just tend to do my own thing. However there is one ‘trend’ that I have spotted constantly on Pinterest over the last while and I’m loving it!

If there is two pieces of clothing that I just love its a good coat and of course a beloved pair of trainers. Of course put them together: ultimate dream team! There is just something ever so cool about pairing a sophisticated long camel coat with a pair of sneakers. I have been loving this combo and my daily go-to is always my beloved New Look camel coat with my even more beloved maroon Adidas Gazelles.

However when you get caught up in this trend-loving it has only went and increased my wardrobe wishlist further. I now have my eye on a couple other pairs of trainers namely black and white Nike Roche Runs and a pair of black and white Adidas Gazelles (yes I do like my monochrome!). Its a weird smart-casual combo but I’m loving it and maybe the addition of a camel trench coat can take this look right into Spring!

Image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

What do you think? Are you a fan of the Coat and Sneakers look?



Fave Pins: Hairspiration

HairspirationAlongside my obession with white interiors, hair is the next hit on my Pinterest list. If there is ever one place to get inspired and have that ‘lets do it’ feeling its Pinterest. In the later end of 2014 I started to work more with my difficult frizzy and puffy curls and even took a trip to the hairdressers for the first time in ages to get a little colour. This year I am looking to get more stuck in and appreciate my hair which made my New Year Resolutions list.

The sad reality is that I’m never going to get the desired locks that I wish for but a little improvement doesn’t go a miss. My hair is quite the awkward length at the minute falling to just over the length of the blonde girl’s hair in the image above. I would like my hair a tad shorter and I would kill to have the perfect tousled wave look. I’m getting bored of straightening my hair daily and a subtle wave is what I’m aiming for. Think Alexa Chung (hair goddess) just a tad longer. Basically my ultimate hair goal is the top right of this image. I want choppy ends, tousled and textured waves, is that too much to ask for!? I’m currently trying out loads of hair products for texture, frizz free and pretty much everything, if you want to recommend any hair products that you love I would love to hear!

Who is your hairspiration? Check out my hair Pinterest board here!

Image sources: top left; top right; bottom left; bottom right


Fave Pins: Home Decor

CollageThere is no denying that I could spend hours upon hours looking at Pinterest. It always gets me so inspired to change something whether it be decor, hair or style and lately I’ve been hooked on looking at home decor pins. I can’t be the only one who looks at these pins and basically plans some sort of crazy master plan to change the decor of my room. If only I had my own home *sad face*. I wanted to share some of my favourite home decor pins that get me feeling all inspired, motivated and jealous!

1. The Monochrome wardrobe – Oh how heavenly this is! If I had to live with a wardrobe filled with black and white clothes I would be totally happy. I just love the whole minimalist and clean look of this, everything is so neat and organized. It gets me so inspired to clean my entire wardrobe, a girl can dream right!? (source)

2. The Pink sofa – I may not own my own home so when it comes to living area decors these have to take a backseat for the time being. However its just so pretty. Again a very clean and minimalist theme and then in goes this ever so cute pink sofa to create such a nice contrast. (source)

3. The cozy home – How can you not love this! This is the winter dream, wrapping up in a blanket next to this cozy fireplace with a hot chocolate, dreamy right!? Again I love the neutral colour palette and how it still has such a ‘home’ vibe to it. (source)

4. The Monochrome desk – This is were the inspiration really kicks in! Having just got a new white desk I have been forever searching Pinterest on decor ideas and this one is perfect. I’m sure you can tell already I am a huge fan of the minimalist look and I just love how clean and crisp looking this is. I also love the cute fairy lights hanging from the shelf and the collection of frames, ooo I better get to it! (source)

So mentioning Pinterest, if you are an avid fan like myself then follow me here where you can check out my other decor faves! 

Are you a crazy Pinterest user?



Modani Mood Board

Mood BoardHappy December everyone! Yup it is December, can you believe it! Anyway slightly unusual post from me today, in collaboration with Modani furniture I am doing a little interior post which I’m pretty excited about. I am one of those people who loves looking at interior pictures on Pinterest for hours although it does get me on the constant search for new furniture and the thoughts of rearranging furniture and decorating all the time but hey ho who doesn’t love a bit of nice interior.

So I’ve put together a little living room mood board featuring some nice modern furniture items from Modani. I love this black sofa its so simple but such a staple piece. I’ve teamed it with some grey pieces including some pillows and a cute square rug. As well as adding this very chic silver vase and a stunning black lamp. And last but not least a very stylish and comfy looking black stool – perfect addition to this uber cool black sofa.

All of these items are from Modani Furniture. Please do check them out, they have some fab stuff and they are also a great source of inspiration through their pretty awesome virtual tours, worth a look!

So what is your fave piece?


Does makeup have an expiry date?


IMG_4518Slightly unusual post today, I am going to discuss makeup expiry dates. If you are a user of Pinterest you may have an idea of what I am talking about .. oh and on that note I have now set up a Pinterest account for this blog yay! You can follow me here 🙂 So anyway there are several articles and pins on Pinterest suggesting how long you should keep makeup for, this is quite a horrific thing for me considering I am quite the makeup hoarder, I put my hands up in shame. So below are some of the suggested expiry dates for everyday makeup products.

Firstly, Mascara = 3 months , now I can put my hands up in shame for this one. My current mascara is the Rimmel Scandal eyes Retro glam which lets just say has been in my collection and in constant use for well over 3 months and in my thoughts still achieves the same great voluminous look – I don’t think I can follow this rule especially when it comes to high end products! Oh.. and lets not mention the mascara in the picture above!

Foundation = 6 – 12 months, I am probably not too bad when it comes to this rule. Wearing makeup the majority of my days it can be quite easy to use it up within this amount of time so no real problems here.

Lip gloss = 1 year, Now I am not really a fan of lip gloss but I do own a few and I can admit to breaking this as I’ve had my Barry M Limited Edition (can’t forget the Limited Edition!) pink lipgloss (not sure of the name) for a LONG time, very long. I don’t actually really use this product but it still smells amazing .. probably why I still have it.

Nail Polish = 2 years, Slightly longer time frame now but I mean come on has everyone not broken this rule. I have never used up one full bottle of nail polish ever so you can imagine how long I have owned some of my nail polishes. However I have thrown out quite a lot because they have dried up but I definitely have a lot past the 2 year mark… Is that bad!?

Lipstick = 2 years, Again I have most definitely broken this one, I have became quite a lipstick addict in recent months so most of my collection is quite new but I still have a few oldies. One of which is my beloved Rimmel Kate Moss 107 *bowing down*, I am not entirely sure how long I have had this but lets just say its been there for a while alongside my old MUA ones too.

In my opinion, If a product is off or not in the finest condition then it may meet the trash but otherwise its staying perfectly in my collection. So are you like me and just want to keep makeup forever or are you quite strict and follow the expiry dates?