Pinterest: Coats and Sneakers Trend

Sneakers and CoatsI would say that I’m not really one to follow trends or have a specific style role model that I copy, I just tend to do my own thing. However there is one ‘trend’ that I have spotted constantly on Pinterest over the last while and I’m loving it!

If there is two pieces of clothing that I just love its a good coat and of course a beloved pair of trainers. Of course put them together: ultimate dream team! There is just something ever so cool about pairing a sophisticated long camel coat with a pair of sneakers. I have been loving this combo and my daily go-to is always my beloved New Look camel coat with my even more beloved maroon Adidas Gazelles.

However when you get caught up in this trend-loving it has only went and increased my wardrobe wishlist further. I now have my eye on a couple other pairs of trainers namely black and white Nike Roche Runs and a pair of black and white Adidas Gazelles (yes I do like my monochrome!). Its a weird smart-casual combo but I’m loving it and maybe the addition of a camel trench coat can take this look right into Spring!

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What do you think? Are you a fan of the Coat and Sneakers look?



Fave Pins: Hairspiration

HairspirationAlongside my obession with white interiors, hair is the next hit on my Pinterest list. If there is ever one place to get inspired and have that ‘lets do it’ feeling its Pinterest. In the later end of 2014 I started to work more with my difficult frizzy and puffy curls and even took a trip to the hairdressers for the first time in ages to get a little colour. This year I am looking to get more stuck in and appreciate my hair which made my New Year Resolutions list.

The sad reality is that I’m never going to get the desired locks that I wish for but a little improvement doesn’t go a miss. My hair is quite the awkward length at the minute falling to just over the length of the blonde girl’s hair in the image above. I would like my hair a tad shorter and I would kill to have the perfect tousled wave look. I’m getting bored of straightening my hair daily and a subtle wave is what I’m aiming for. Think Alexa Chung (hair goddess) just a tad longer. Basically my ultimate hair goal is the top right of this image. I want choppy ends, tousled and textured waves, is that too much to ask for!? I’m currently trying out loads of hair products for texture, frizz free and pretty much everything, if you want to recommend any hair products that you love I would love to hear!

Who is your hairspiration? Check out my hair Pinterest board here!

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Fave Pins: Home Decor

CollageThere is no denying that I could spend hours upon hours looking at Pinterest. It always gets me so inspired to change something whether it be decor, hair or style and lately I’ve been hooked on looking at home decor pins. I can’t be the only one who looks at these pins and basically plans some sort of crazy master plan to change the decor of my room. If only I had my own home *sad face*. I wanted to share some of my favourite home decor pins that get me feeling all inspired, motivated and jealous!

1. The Monochrome wardrobe – Oh how heavenly this is! If I had to live with a wardrobe filled with black and white clothes I would be totally happy. I just love the whole minimalist and clean look of this, everything is so neat and organized. It gets me so inspired to clean my entire wardrobe, a girl can dream right!? (source)

2. The Pink sofa – I may not own my own home so when it comes to living area decors these have to take a backseat for the time being. However its just so pretty. Again a very clean and minimalist theme and then in goes this ever so cute pink sofa to create such a nice contrast. (source)

3. The cozy home – How can you not love this! This is the winter dream, wrapping up in a blanket next to this cozy fireplace with a hot chocolate, dreamy right!? Again I love the neutral colour palette and how it still has such a ‘home’ vibe to it. (source)

4. The Monochrome desk – This is were the inspiration really kicks in! Having just got a new white desk I have been forever searching Pinterest on decor ideas and this one is perfect. I’m sure you can tell already I am a huge fan of the minimalist look and I just love how clean and crisp looking this is. I also love the cute fairy lights hanging from the shelf and the collection of frames, ooo I better get to it! (source)

So mentioning Pinterest, if you are an avid fan like myself then follow me here where you can check out my other decor faves! 

Are you a crazy Pinterest user?