Paris Couture Week: Elie Saab Fall 2014

Not that long ago Couture fashion week for Fall 2014 kicked off in the fashion capital: Paris. Couture week has to be my favorite for the glamour and exquisite gowns. And one designer who I absolutely adore and matches this description very nicely is Elie Saab. As usual this collection was perfection and I have no faults or negatives to say. The whole collection was designed for Night with stunning gowns and embellished cocktail dresses. Saab experimented with pearls and ombre effects which linked to his Fall 2014 RTW collection were it also made an appearance. Overall a beautiful collection, if only I could get my hands on all these dresses! What do you think of this collection? The rest of the collection can be viewed at

Elie Saab 1 Elie Saab 2 Elie Saab 3 Elie Saab 4Credit to for images.

Christian Dior:Couture Spring 2013

Hello everyone! Before we start can i just say that it was the blog’s 3rd birthday yesterday!!! Yay!! So i have to say Thank you to all the lovely subscribers/ followers or whatever you would like to classify yourself as so thank you very much and I hope you enjoy reading the blog! Anyway enough of the birthday thanks and celebrations as the countdown to NYFW begins here is a look at the Christian Dior Spring Couture Collection that was shown at Paris Couture Fashion Week last week.  There seemed to be a floral theme running through the show as the runway was designed with plants and greenery as well as many of the designs featured in the collection having a floral touch or spring feel to them with bright yellows and reds. The collection also features the gown that Jennifer Lawrence wore to the SAG awards last week which of course made the headlines due to her ‘malfunction’ which happened just before accepting her award. Here below are some shots from the runway show. Are you a fan of this collection ? To see all the runway shots go to Credit to for images.

Christian Dior 1Christian Dior 2Christian Dior 3Christian Dior 4

Elie Saab Fall 2012 Couture

This week in Paris the Fall Couture collections have been on show and one designer i am always looking forward to seeing is the wonderful Elie Saab. Elie Saab is known for his breathtaking shimmering gowns and that has not gone forgotten in this couture collection. There was of course a high level in crystal and sequins used as usual and beautiful lace and jacquard designs. Below are some of my favorite looks from the collection. Credit to for images.


Paris Couture Fashion Week: Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Spring 2012

Another designer who stole the show at Paris Couture Fashion Week was Jean Paul Gaultier. This collection was all over the tabloids and in the headlines due to its collection being influenced by Amy Winehouse. The collection had the fifties style which was favored by WInehouse as well as the models sporting her trademark beehive hairdo and bold eye makeup and her beauty spot. Many thought this was a great tribute to Amy and i think that as well but one person in particular wasn’t too happy about it which was her dad who said ‘It portrays a view of Amy when she was not at her best, and glamorises some of the more upsetting times in her life,’ Her friend Kelly Osbourne also said it was “lucratively selfish and distasteful”. What do you think ? What is a good tribute or was it distasteful ? Go to for the rest of the collection. Credit to for images. P.S Can i also add this is my 100th post on the blog so thank you to everyone for contributing ! 😀 

Paris Couture Fashion Week: Elie Saab Couture Spring 2012

This week was the start of Couture Fashion week Spring 2012 in Paris. Many top designer labels took to the runway including Versace and Givenchy but one of my favorite designers was also there who is Elie Saab.  His designs are just breathtaking and just amazing. Here below are some shots from the runway. This collection is very girly and feminine with lots of lace and pastel shades. To see all the runway shots go to Credit to for images.