End Of Year Goals

End Of Year GoalsNo matter how much you tell yourself it can’t be true, 2015 really is coming to an end quicker than we all imagined. It sounds silly, we go through this every year but to think how fast this year has came and nearly gone is pretty scary stuff! I know we all say that we make New Years Resolutions and forget about even making them a month later, I honestly thought about everything I had hoped for in 2015 throughout the year. Whilst I may not tick it all off my list I still appreciated having a list of goals to work through for the year. If you want to remind yourself of my 2015 goals then check them here. Although enough with that as we do still have a matter of time left in 2015. A length of time that shouldn’t go wasted especially with a busy month ahead still to storm through. So I thought I would list a few goals for the time being to ensure I close 2015 as a pretty successful one…

  1. Manage my time more efficiently – Since starting uni again in September I have really let my time management skills slide a little. My blog has been more on the last minute prep and I have had to neglect a lot of the social side of blogging which is rather unfortunate. I am hoping I can manage a better schedule and really set aside time to work on blogging whilst also keeping up with uni work.
  2. Set aside a monthly budget and stick to it – I have to admit I have been a little guilty of getting a little spendy recently. Each time I try to control my spending habits a new beauty product is released that I need or a boosted student discount meaning I have to buy something. At the moment I do have a few things to tick off my shopping list and with Christmas round the corner, its gonna be tricky! Although I do want to keep a better account of how much I am spending and set aside a budget to remind myself how much I really should be spending each month. Hopefully I will be able to save some money and put it aside for a rainy day!
  3. Have a wardrobe clear out – I love a good clear out! Over the last year or two my style has really changed and half the things in my wardrobe I either don’t wear or don’t like. I have accumulated so much clothing over the years and I want to be more strict and build a better wardrobe I am happy with. I will definitely be referring to this post I wrote a while back here and going for quality over quantity.

What are your goals for the end of the year?


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Give Your Wardrobe A Spring Clean

Wardrobe Spring CleanForget daises and pastels, Spring is also the time for cleaning. Sounds tedious, I know but it doesn’t have to be. Now I’m not talking sprucing up the kitchen counters but your wardrobe. If you are like me with far too many clothes scattered in several storage spaces then it does sound rather off-putting but there is nothing better than having a good clean and tidy wardrobe full of clothes you know you will wear. Being an avid fan of clothes shopping I’ve gathered up quite the collection but as I get older and my tastes have changed I have a slight regret over choosing quantity over quality. I am now looking into giving my wardrobe a bit of a revamp and hopefully if you are in the same boat these tips might help!

1// Its time for a look into your wardrobe Checking what you own is important so that you can identify what is lacking in your collection and what you just have too much of. At this point it’s time to decide what you want to keep a hold of and know you will wear and also what pieces are ready to go. As the ultimate hoarder, this is a step I struggle with, I always tend to think even though I haven’t worn something in years it will later come in handy but its important to be harsh and do what you know is right.

2// Saying goodbye to those in the unwanted pile There is nothing more satisfying than building up wardrobe space by getting rid of those unwanted unworn clothes. If the clothes aren’t in good condition then its probably best to bin them however if they are still in a decent condition you could make some money out of them. Ebay is the obvious one but its basically your best friend when cleaning out your wardrobe. It is free to list up to 20 items per month and if sold you only have to pay a small percentage in fees. Depop is another popular method for selling, despite never trying it out, it seems to be quite popular amongst bloggers and pretty straightforward. By selling off unwanted clothes you can also generate some money to go towards some new clothing, bonus!

3//Investing in key pieces Now this step might not apply to everyone but if you are lacking in pieces its time to make the investment. Having good basics is important such as a good pair of jeans, a good jacket and some good t-shirts that you know you will wear. If you are like me and basically want to get rid of most of your wardrobe its the best idea to invest in good quality pieces that will last long rather than cheap poorer quality items that you will have to continuously repurchase. It doesn’t have to be expensive in buying new items, retailers such as ASOS hold a number of quality pieces at great prices.

4//Getting organised The last step is to give that finalised wardrobe a good tidy up. I am a sucker for organisation and I enjoy having things in order especially in my wardrobe. Having an organised wardrobe makes it a lot easier to find clothing and makes getting dressed that little bit quicker than rummaging through endless hangers of clothes. Everyone is different in how they organize so its important to chose the organisation method that suits you. Whether its through the type of clothing i.e dresses, jeans, skirts, tops or colour coordination or even through the season i.e Spring or Autumn, whatever works for you is key.

Hopefully some of these tips were helpful when the time arises to clear out that ever-growing pile of clothes. Once the cleaning is done, the challenge of keeping it clean is the next step! Now looks like I’m off to clear up the vast amount of coloured jeans in my collection… wish me luck!

Will you be giving your wardrobe a spring clean?



Staying Organised

IMG_5805Today marks a difficult day for me, first day back at uni after Christmas break. Okay well I won’t be feeling too bad knowing that many of you will have been back studying or working earlier this month but nevertheless the painful thought of another 12 weeks of lectures, essays and studying is enough to feel uneasy. Something I can take pride in is being organised, I am one of those annoying individuals that has to plan everything carefully and write everything down but when it comes to uni, school, work or even blogging a little organisation comes in handy!

1. Plan ahead – Being off on Christmas break for a while has been handy as its time to get organised for the next semester or preparing my blog schedule. Take a note of every major task that is due in the next few months i.e. essays, blog posts and take a note of the deadline so you can see what needs to be prioritised and when you can begin to work on it. Its a good idea to buy a notebook, I use mine to write down my list of assignments for the semester as well as my monthly blogging schedule.

2. Keep a diary – As deadlines loom you want to ensure you are able to commit to completing tasks on time so keep a diary and take note of all deadlines and note down when these tasks will be completed. This means no clashing with social events or any other deadlines that crop up at work/school/uni. This allows you to manage your time effectively and know what times you can work and when you can also have time to yourself.

3. Prioritise – Leading on from the first point ensure that tasks that are required more quickly are completed before others. There is no point writing a blog post for February when you haven’t even completed the posts for the week ahead. By putting the right tasks first means there is no rushing to finish them.

4. Keep it clean – It can be even more stressful if you are working around a messy and untidy environment so ensure your desk or work area is kept neat and organised. This can help motivate you to work harder and not get in such a panic. It is also a good idea to keep motivational images around your workspace, remind yourself of the benefits of your work and what they can help you achieve.

How do you keep organised?