Topshop Nevada/Whimsical Lipstick: Review/Swatches



IMG_3792Hello, If you have checked out my blog recently you may seen some changes I made to it so if you haven’t already go check it out 🙂 Also I am now on Bloglovin and if you are too it would be great if you could give me a follow and I will do the same for you 🙂 Anyway I have heard so many great reviews on the Topshop lipstick and while I was online shopping a while back I discovered a 2 for £12 deal on Topshop lip products so I quickly snapped them up! I am quite the lover of nude lipsticks so I picked up Nevada and Whimsical, both nude and light shades.


Topshop lipsticks retail at £8 each which some people may think is a tad pricey for a high-street lipstick compared to for example Rimmel which sell lipsticks at around £5 however I don’t think its too bad and considering the special offer I really picked them up for £6 each saving £4 altogether.

IMG_3786First up is the Nevada shade which has a velvet finish and is the lighter of the two. Nevada is an incredibly nude shade in which I did have difficulty with. I am very pale skinned so at first when applying this I did look a little washed out and as if I was embracing the ‘foundation lips’ look which isn’t entirely great. Today in particular when wearing this I did feel as though you could see the cracks in my lips despite using lip scrub and balm before hand however I am suffering from a bit of the cold so my lips are pretty chapped right now. When wearing a light shade like this I think its important to add gloss in which I did (below) just to shine up my lips a bit and make them stand out rather than blend in with my face. I used Bourjois Effect 3D Gloss in a clear shade. This lipstick isn’t my favorite however it can be workable with gloss and is good for a neutral look.


And then there is Whimsical which is also of a nude/neutral shade however a lot more brighter than Nevada and is of a coral/pink hue. This lipstick has a matte finish and I prefer this one out of the two. The shade is still quite light however it doesn’t wash you out so is a lot better for pale skin than Nevada. Again I could see the cracks appear in my lips but again I am affected by the cold right now. I quite like the matte finish to it however I did add some clear gloss again and it creates a nice glossy nude lip which looks fab.

whimsicalBasically on the whole, Whimsical is a better shade than Nevada and is a lot more wearable. I also think that both shades look better with a bit of gloss just so it doesn’t look so washed out. I have only wore these a couple of times so I can’t really say in particular how impressed I am with them however I probably will buy another lip shade from Topshop again but probably darker next time.