Nars Lip Pencil Collection

nars lip pencils, review, swatches, walkyrie, bahama, cruella, mandore, damned, yu, descanso, torres del paine, ibericoThe Nars Lip Pencils are without a doubt one of the best lip products I’ve ever tried yet they appear to be rather underrated too! I have gathered quite the collection now both from the matte range and satin range and I thought I would share all the shades in my stash and why these are worthy of a splurge!

In order of colour from lightest:

Descanso (Satin) (LE) : This is the lightest in the bunch being a gorgeous peachy rosy nude. It comes in a satin finish so is beautifully creamy and has a nice sheen to it. It’s one of my least worn shades from the bunch but I definitely need to reach for it more as it is so pretty! Sadly, this shade was limited edition from the Holiday 2014 range.

Torres Del Paine (Satin) (LE): An exotic sounding name with an equally exotic colour. This colour is similar to Descanso but leans more peachy and coral-y. It is a bit more bright too so works lovely as a go-to Summer shade. Again annoyingly this was always limited edition from Christmas, sorry!

Iberico (Matte) (LE) : One of my favourites, think Mac Lady Danger, a gorgeous vivid orange-y red. Again this is such a lovely colour for Summer as it is super striking and bold. This one is in the Velvet Matte formula which is definitely my favourite of the two, whilst it’s matte, it is still comfortable yet long wearing. Again this was also from the Holiday 2014 collection so sadly no longer available but as I mentioned Mac Lady Danger appears very similar!

Yu (Satin): Yu is a gorgeous bright bold fushcia pink and is totally unique to my collection. This kind of bright pink was my go-to back in my younger teen days yet now I tend to lean towards mauve-y plum shades of pink. However I still love having this option in my stash and when I did finally try this I was incredibly blown away. The lasting power on this is incredible, I literally couldn’t get it off my lips it was that long wearing! The pigmentation is also amazing as well as having a lovely creamy formula!

Bahama (Matte): One of the newer shades in my collection yet one that is probably the most ‘me’. This is a gorgeous rosy mauve brown shade, which appears much darker in the swatches! This is a great everyday shade with a really nice matte formula.

Walkyrie (Matte): This is another newbie for me, similar to Bahama but more reddy brown instead of pink-ish. It is also a bit more bold but still a great everyday shade and a great pick for those who love their brown-y nude colours.

Cruella (Matte): Everyone needs a staple red lipstick in their collection and this is mine. I absolutely love this shade, it is a deep red that looks so beautiful at this time of year! The formula is one I can always rely on too for being long wearing and comfortable to wear, great for an evening out! Definitely one I would recommend to try!

Mandore (Satin) (LE): This is the perfect Autumn shade (although the next shade is that too!) Mandore is a gorgeous deep oxblood red so the perfect Fall/Winter shade. This one is in the satin formula with a creamy comfortable finish that has a slight sheen but it still remains pretty long wearing. This was limited edition again from the Holiday 2014 collection but still seems available from the Nars website!

Damned (Matte): Lastly another new addition to my collection is this gorgeous deep berry magenta shade which again is perfect for this time of year. I’ve only worn this once but I’m impressed so far, I just need more courage to rock a bolder lip more often!

nars lip pencils, lip pencil, swatches, swatch, mandore, damned, cruella, walkyrie, bahama, iberico, yu, descanso, torres del paine

Have you tried the Nars lip pencils?


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Nars x Steven Klein

Nars x Steven Klein Collection

Nars x Steven Klein Collection SwatchesI am not usually one for limited edition collections, to be honest I never pay much attention and the thought of loving a product that I can’t buy again does scare me a little. Please tell me I am not the only one!? Although as soon as my eyes clapped onto the new Nars and Steven Klein colour collection, all my thoughts on limited edition products flew out the window. The new collection features a range of gorgeous gift sets for the festive season as well as a range of new shades in the colour collection. I had my eye on two products since I seen the release and it didn’t take me long before snapping them up!

The first product that pretty much got the excitement going was this gorgeous eyeshadow in the shade Stud. After seeing one swatch of this online I just had to have it. A gorgeous shimmery pewter bronze shade that looks gorgeous with a deep lip and even more so at this time of year. The formula is super creamy and blends beautifully. The pigmentation is pretty darn good and is suitable for during the day with a sheer wash or built up for something more dramatic for night time. The Nars packaging as usual is just so dreamy!

The Killer Shine lipstick in No Shame also caught my eye with its gorgeous deep fuchsia shade. Whilst I’ve tried the Nars lip pencils (which I love!) I haven’t tried one of their normal lipsticks until now (obviously). The formula is super creamy and has a gorgeous glossy sheeny finish but is still long-wearing. The application can be a little tricky though so I do like to use a lip brush to ensure precise application cause it can get a little messy! Nevertheless it’s a gorgeous colour that would look great on a night out!

Have you picked up anything from the new Nars collection?


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