Pick of the Month:July 2011

This months pick of the month is these pair of gorgeous high waisted shorts from Miss Selfridge. Since summer is in brights are taking over our wardrobe and this is a perfect addition with its bold and in trend coral colour. I came across these shorts in the Fabulous Magazine and i loved them and they were paired with a lovely blouse aswell. When i checked to see where they were from it said Miss Selfridge so i checked up online and I found them ! And even better after being £28.00 they are now reduced to £15 !! Woo Hoo ! 🙂 but the only bad thing is that atm only sizes 6 and 16 are in stock so other sizes may have to wait.  Credit to Miss Selfridge for image.

Party Looks: 2

As Christmas is just a week away more people are all over the place looking for Outfits for their Christmas Parties. So instead of me sitting doing nothing all day i have decided to help you out and after looking about for a gorgeous outfit i finally found one.  Similar to my last post its made up of a dress and some heels. The Embellished Drape Dress from Miss Selfridge is amazing but if you want to own it you better act fast as its only Limited Edition !!! And to finish the outfit we have some cute and glamorous Grey Platform Court Shoes from Very.com which can used all the time whether its going to work or just doing some shopping.  Prices are below and If your American and love this dress then don’t worry as Miss Selfridge deliver to the US and another 109 countries (check out the website for details) .  Images: Miss Selfridge and Very.com



Dress is £150.00










Heels are from £28.00


Pick of the Month:August 2010

This month’s Pick of the Month is this pretty rose printed dress from Miss Selfridge. Summer may be nearly over but who cares when you get a dress so nice and even better its only £20.00 after it was reduced from £40.00 !

P.s – Sorry for not posting last month , i was on vacation and didn’t have time.

Image: Miss Selfridge

Spring 2010

These are the trends for Spring- Nudes,Spots,Stripes,Floral and Pastel Colours. All of these products can be purchased at Miss Selfridges . Images: Miss Selfridge.