Versace RTW Fall 2015

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Versace 4Versace is a brand I have always admired in terms of their creative direction (and their perfumes!) but in terms of their collections they never really scream out to me personally until I seen this collection for Fall 2015. The show started out very simple and chic with a collection of black pinstripe office style wear with suits, jackets and pencil skirts. Each look had a slight pop of colour injected which seemed to be an indication of what was to come.

Thereafter was an explosion of colour onto the runway. Bold hues took over through a collection of capes and coats with 60s style wide belts. The 60s theme continued with a range of geometric prints and the silhouettes took an interesting turn with cutouts and high slits up the leg. The collection certainty carried the Versace name not only through the style but it was clearly emblazoned on a number of pieces through the collection.

The end of the show was really the wow moment for me. Mainly black based mini dresses and sheer tops featuring rainbow hued embellishments stole it for me. Donatella certainty showed her inspiration of the digital age with hash-tag and ‘@’ symbolism embellished on the designs. Karlie Kloss sported the winner for me with a sheer top halved dress featuring a range of Technicolor embellishments which certainly was a fresh take on the classic LBD. The collection was bold, bright, current and had the Versace name all over it (literally). Check out the rest of the collection here.

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Dolce & Gabbana: Spring 2015 RTW

Hey all, I do apologize for my lateness on this post since Paris Fashion Week has already kicked off and I’m still here dwelling on the clothes over in Milan. Anyway probably the most anticipated show of MFW was Dolce and Gabbana who always put on an incredible show and this season was no exception. Despite being an Italian brand and always known for sticking to its roots this collection had a very Spanish vibe to it with flamenco polka dots and bullfighter styles aswell as bold shades of red. However according to the designers the Spanish occupied Sicily for 300 years therefore they had many similar cultures which explains the direction of this collection. The silhouettes used were very D&G with their typical high waists and short styles which some may view as being predictable but it works and I love it. Again sticking to their usual, the designs were embellished to the nines with a great attention to detail which I just love about them and it makes every collection they put their name to highly desirable. Credit to for images.

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Moschino: Fall 2014 RTW

Milan Fashion Week came to a close this week but before we travel to the city of love for the rest of Fall 2014 here is one last look at MFW were Moschino took to the runway. This collection was the debut for designer Jeremy Scott and it’s safe to say he well and truly put his own trademark stamp on his debut collection for Moschino. Typical of Scott, inspiration for the collection came from popular culture with McDonald’s, Coco Chanel, Spongebob and candy inspired looks. While the collection heavily featured Scott’s typical style the Moschino image was not lost and still the same old loud and edgy style. An unusual but fun and playful collection and what can we say, eat your heart out! What do you think of this collection? The rest of the collection can be viewed at

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Gucci: Fall 2014 RTW

Milan Fashion Week has been ongoing recently and last week the Gucci collection for Fall 2014 took to the runway. The collection was neat and polished with well tailored casual pieces without damaging Gucci’s trademark glamorous style. There was a strong inspiration from the sixties with short lengths and a-line cuts. Pastel shades also made an appearance in the collection with light pink, blues etc which seems to be popular for Fall 2014. Overall a very pretty collection and another strong form from Gucci. What do you think of this collection? The rest of the collection can be viewed at

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Dolce & Gabbana: Spring 2014 RTW

Italy is a country of history and culture with beautiful structure and art. There was a clear historical influence in the Dolce & Gabbana collection which made its mark in Milan Fashion Week yesterday. The collection was full of beautiful cultural prints of ancient structures and buildings aswell as a floral print and polka dots used to keep the collection slightly modernized. There was also a sense of ladylike with high waisted pencil skirts and lace being prominent throughout the collection. Overall another stunning collection from D&G. Below are some pieces from the collection. What do you think of this collection? The rest of the collection can be viewed at

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Versace: Spring 2014 RTW

Milan is known for its high fashion and prestigious designer brands like Versace who took to the runway this week. Versace is one of those brands that to see one of their collections you could easily spot a mile off that it was a Versace collection with its trademark and typical styles. There was quite a harsh look in the collection especially for Spring with studded detail and black being a prominent color in the collection. However the collection did light up a bit with multi-coloured print and light shades of lilac, blue and yellow to bring out the spring in the collection. Overall quite a different collection compared to many I have seen for next season but still on top form for Versace. Below are some pieces from the collection. What do you think of this collection? The rest of the collection can be viewed at

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Dsquared²: Spring 2014 RTW

Milan Fashion Week has officially kicked off and the first collection to hit the runway was Dsquared².  The collection was full of bright colors and prints perfect for Spring. There was a slight poolside look element to many of the designs with short lengths, sun hats and swim wear which would look perfect at any glamorous pool party. This collection has got to be one of my favorites from Dsquared² and its cocktail bar look and poolside glamour makes me want summer back already! Below are some pieces from the collection. What do you think of this collection? The rest of the collection can be viewed at

Dsquared² 1 Dsquared² 2 Dsquared² 3 Dsquared² 4Credit to for images.