Life Lately #3


Hello again! Apologies again for the slightly messy blogging schedule that is going on just now. It looks like it may be a while before I get back to my regular schedule again with my own technical difficulties, sigh! Anyway it is a little later than usual for one of these posts but better late than never, eh! Since I haven’t been blogging much, I thought it would be nice to update you all on life-y things at the moment. So obviously with lack of IT going on, I have been having plenty of non-techy, less online beauty browsing days which in a way has been nice to have more time offline and has made me realise how much I waste time online browsing! So once I am back to normal, maybe I will see a little reduction in the amount of time I actually spend online! I am thinking of doing a post about spending time offline so check back soon for that!

March saw things dramatically change from a storm to quietness. I am just about finished my second year at university (except exams) with the start of the month looming with coursework deadlines til now were I am trying to find something to do! It has been such a relief though getting a ton of work out of the way and it means I can focus on finishing the year! Also, it has been nice to have a few holidays with Easter Break to finalise everything!

Other than uni, I am still on the spring cleaning front. My wardrobe has took a major hit since I have cleared out a ton of clothes over the last few months but I still have a lot of things I want to clear out. I may do a post in the future about my wardrobe and cleaning it out etc. if that is something that anyone wants to see? Speaking of my wardrobe, I have also been having a clothes moment, pretty much wanting to buy a new thing for everything I throw out! I am really trying to find perfect pieces that fit my wardrobe tastes now and just have a small quality collection of clothes. Quite the contrast from my makeup collection then…

On the topic of clothing, I have felt really inspired lately and been in thought about what I buy and where from. I watched the documentary ‘The True Cost’ which I truly recommend to watch as it gives you a great insight as to how the clothing we wear is made and essentially the true cost behind that less than a fiver tee from Primark. I don’t want to go into too much detail as I may cover the topic of ethical clothing in a separate blog post. Essentially though, the documentary has changed my viewpoint of where I buy clothing and my viewpoint on consumerism. It is a highly interesting watch and the scene showing the crazed shoppers on Black Friday really puts things into perspective.

How did you spend the month of March?


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March Favourites

March FavouritesHappy April Fools Day! I would make a joke but its after 12 now and I’m no good at jokes so yeah I will pass on that one! Anyway can you believe its already April! Where has time gone!? I am so excited for the warmer spring weather and the chance to wear lighter and glowy makeup. So its time to look back at some of my favourites from the month of March…

MAC Soar Lip liner – First on the list is this highly-coveted-hard-to-get-a-hold-of lip-liner from MAC. Since the Kylie Jenner nude lip craze happened basically MAC nude lip-liners were no were to be seen. I had my eye on this one for ages to pair with my MAC Twig and I spotted a single one left on a trip to the MAC store and obviously had to buy it! MAC lip-liners are the perfect quality and this just looks great paired with Twig.

Benefit Gimme Brow – You may recall seeing my review here I did this month on this beauty. I picked this up in a bid to give my brows a quick fix and there is no turning back on this one. Its fab but slightly expensive.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick 107 – A blast from the past! This was the coveted berry lip everyone needed to get their hands on and it still is. I’ve turned to this one several times this month before I say goodbye to the dark lips in time for spring. I keep getting reminded how much I love this lipstick, its creamy, pigmented and super long lasting as well as being such a gorgeous shade!

Topshop Glow-stick in Play Up – Another old favourite. I picked up this highlighter a while back from Topshop but have been using it on a daily basis lately. It is incredible. As a big fan of highlighters, I highly recommend this one and for £10, its fab! It so pigmented and glowy on the skin without looking sparkly or glittery. Its great for daily wear use without looking overboard and even know I haven’t tried either it look like a dupe for the Clinque chubby stick highlighter and the Nars Copacabana Multiple?

The Body Shop Coconut Body Mist – Last but not least is a lush smelling body mist from The Body Shop. I have worn this quite a lot recently despite having it for quite a while. Its a great fragrance for everyday wear and I have gotten so many compliments on it. Its affordable, a long lasting scent and smells pretty damn good, what is not to love!?

What have you been loving this month?



March Playlist

March Playlist

Another month, another playlist (I think I said that last month..) Anyway this month has mainly been dominated by one album which was AM by the Arctic Monkeys. Constantly traveling most days of the week gives me the perfect excuse to spend some time listening to music and albums that I never really had the time to fully experience. The Arctic Monkeys are a band I haven’t really given much of my time to but I decided to give their AM album a listen and I’m loving it! I don’t quite know why I never listened to them before, they are well up my street! I love every song on the album but Arabella and No.1 Party Anthem are definitely two of my favourites! Also on the playlist this month was a few tunes from Maroon 5 who just have such catchy feel-good songs and also the new song from Rihanna, Kanye and unusually Paul McCartney – its a good one!

What have you been listening to this month?



Pick of the Month:March 2014

This months pick of the month is this Vintage Borg Denim Jacket from Topshop. As the weather is getting a little warmer this cute vintage style denim jacket is a perfect addition to your spring wardrobe. At £58/$95 from Topshop this jacket is a must have as it can be worn pretty much with anything from a cute floral dress to jeans and a t-shirt. Will a denim jacket be making an appearance in your spring wardrobe?

Topshop £58 or $95Credit to Topshop for image.

Pick of the Month:March 2013

This months pick of the month is this Limited Edition Pearl Shift Dress from Topshop.  Spring has sprung (well just about) and that means brighter shades and shorter hemlines out in the sun. This dress is a perfect example of this and would look great at any formal event during spring/summer maybe even for a wedding. This dress has a beautiful pearl embellishment at the top and has a lovely floaty design perfect for the warm weather. As part of the Limited Edition range this dress costs £195/$390. What do you think of this dress? Follow the blog on twitter @4everfash. Credit to Topshop for image.

Topshop £195 or  $390.00