Does makeup have an expiry date?


IMG_4518Slightly unusual post today, I am going to discuss makeup expiry dates. If you are a user of Pinterest you may have an idea of what I am talking about .. oh and on that note I have now set up a Pinterest account for this blog yay! You can follow me here 🙂 So anyway there are several articles and pins on Pinterest suggesting how long you should keep makeup for, this is quite a horrific thing for me considering I am quite the makeup hoarder, I put my hands up in shame. So below are some of the suggested expiry dates for everyday makeup products.

Firstly, Mascara = 3 months , now I can put my hands up in shame for this one. My current mascara is the Rimmel Scandal eyes Retro glam which lets just say has been in my collection and in constant use for well over 3 months and in my thoughts still achieves the same great voluminous look – I don’t think I can follow this rule especially when it comes to high end products! Oh.. and lets not mention the mascara in the picture above!

Foundation = 6 – 12 months, I am probably not too bad when it comes to this rule. Wearing makeup the majority of my days it can be quite easy to use it up within this amount of time so no real problems here.

Lip gloss = 1 year, Now I am not really a fan of lip gloss but I do own a few and I can admit to breaking this as I’ve had my Barry M Limited Edition (can’t forget the Limited Edition!) pink lipgloss (not sure of the name) for a LONG time, very long. I don’t actually really use this product but it still smells amazing .. probably why I still have it.

Nail Polish = 2 years, Slightly longer time frame now but I mean come on has everyone not broken this rule. I have never used up one full bottle of nail polish ever so you can imagine how long I have owned some of my nail polishes. However I have thrown out quite a lot because they have dried up but I definitely have a lot past the 2 year mark… Is that bad!?

Lipstick = 2 years, Again I have most definitely broken this one, I have became quite a lipstick addict in recent months so most of my collection is quite new but I still have a few oldies. One of which is my beloved Rimmel Kate Moss 107 *bowing down*, I am not entirely sure how long I have had this but lets just say its been there for a while alongside my old MUA ones too.

In my opinion, If a product is off or not in the finest condition then it may meet the trash but otherwise its staying perfectly in my collection. So are you like me and just want to keep makeup forever or are you quite strict and follow the expiry dates?