Loyalty Cards

IMG_5774There is no denying we all love a bargain, a freebie and just a bit of love from our favourite retailers after spending countless amounts of times browsing their shelves, menus etc and of course parting with our “well earned” cash on their products. As the retail industry is bigger than ever and consumers now have more rights, its the retailers responsibility to deliver the best service and give a little back to their customers. There is no better way to do this than a good loyalty card. I have gathered quite a selection of loyalty cards, some good and some not so great…

Costa Coffee Club – Now this is one of my most used loyalty cards… despite hating coffee. For every £1 spent you get 5 points with each point worth a penny. Costa also occasionally do double points events so the card is always worth while. When I said I hate coffee, I do love Costa’s hot chocolate and most of all their Red Berry Fruit Cooler *heart-eyed emoji* and I have used my loyalty card quite a few times to pay for my drinks so if you enjoy a drink or snack from Costa once in a while its worth picking up a card!

Boots Advantage Card – Now this is the one. If you are from the UK I would be a tad surprised if you didn’t own this card already. For every £1 spent you get 4 points with each point worth a penny. Boots always have a variety of offers on with 100/200 point events or even 500 point offers on purchases which can be put towards treating yourself to a new product such as a Chanel lipstick. However only downside is that you need to have enough points to cover the cost of an item if you were to use your points to pay as they do not accept paying part of the cost with points. Nevertheless its a very worthy card to have and who wouldn’t want a Chanel lipstick payed for with points. After all points make prizes!

Nandos Card – One for the chicken lovers *slowly raises hand*. For every £7 spent in Nandos you receive a chilli… a virtual chilli that is! If you get 3 chillies you can get a 1/4 chicken or appeteaser. 6 chilies equal to a 1/2 chicken or a wrap, burger or pitta and if you collect 10 chillies you can get a WHOLE chicken or single combo meal. Come on who doesn’t love chicken!

Superdrug Beauty Card – Now is where things get a little less exciting. Well I will start with the benefits, a card with a mirror how handy! Anyway for every 100 points earned is £1 to spend in store. The good thing is unlike Boots you can pay partly by cash and partly with points. Now there is nothing bad about this card in fact it is great like the boots card if you shop in Superdrug. However for me its pretty useless because I now only shop in boots because they sell more brands and I can get everything in the one place aswell as having points in the one store is more beneficial than between two.

Paperchase Treat Me – Now this is quite an unusual card. There is no points, just perks. You scan this with each purchase and you get closer to a new perk. I haven’t used it too often but I did manage to get a 15% off in my first usage so not too bad. I believe this card is only a trial so it may not be available in all stores. Other perks are said to include money off on birthdays and free coffee.

Space NK N.dulge card – Now in terms of premium beauty this is your top dog. This is my most recent loyalty card and it could be becoming one of my faves. Its very simple 1 point for every £1 spent and when you reach 100 points (£100) you get a £5 incentive. With Nars and Hourglass filling the counters it can be fairly easy to blow £100 in the space of a year so this card is pretty useful for making you feel that bit better about buying that pricey Hourglass blush palette.

What is your favourite loyalty card?