March Playlist

March Playlist

Another month, another playlist (I think I said that last month..) Anyway this month has mainly been dominated by one album which was AM by the Arctic Monkeys. Constantly traveling most days of the week gives me the perfect excuse to spend some time listening to music and albums that I never really had the time to fully experience. The Arctic Monkeys are a band I haven’t really given much of my time to but I decided to give their AM album a listen and I’m loving it! I don’t quite know why I never listened to them before, they are well up my street! I love every song on the album but Arabella and No.1 Party Anthem are definitely two of my favourites! Also on the playlist this month was a few tunes from Maroon 5 who just have such catchy feel-good songs and also the new song from Rihanna, Kanye and unusually Paul McCartney – its a good one!

What have you been listening to this month?



Fashion Debate: Should Kim Kardashian be on the cover of Vogue?

Kim Kardashian’s appearance on the cover of the April issue of Vogue has caused a little controversy recently. It was only last week when Kim took to twitter to reveal her excitement over landing the front cover of the fashion bible which is always coveted with the biggest stars and models. Since it was revealed there has been high criticism of the cover with many Vogue fans taking over social media to say how they will be canceling their subscription with the magazine. Anna Wintour addressed rumors of how Kanye pressured Anna into putting Kim on the cover in her editors letter saying “As for the cover, my opinion is that it is both charming and touching, and it was, I should add, entirely our idea to do it; you may have read that Kanye begged me to put his fiancée on Vogue’s cover, He did nothing of the sort. The gossip might make better reading, but the simple fact of the matter is that it isn’t true.” I personally think that someone like Kim Kardashian should not be on the cover of such a coveted fashion magazine or any reality star for that matter as it simply degrades the value that Vogue holds. But what are you thoughts? Should Kim K be on the cover on Vogue?

VOCVN00WR0_1-2.pdfCredit to e-online for image.