Pick of the Month:March 2014

This months pick of the month is this Vintage Borg Denim Jacket from Topshop. As the weather is getting a little warmer this cute vintage style denim jacket is a perfect addition to your spring wardrobe. At £58/$95 from Topshop this jacket is a must have as it can be worn pretty much with anything from a cute floral dress to jeans and a t-shirt. Will a denim jacket be making an appearance in your spring wardrobe?

Topshop £58 or $95Credit to Topshop for image.

Fall 2013 Trends: Menswear

Finally, Menswear has been another major trend this season. Already been spotted on the runway for Donna Karen, Emporio Armani, Antonio Beradi etc.. it is now hitting the high street with many menswear inspired styles from suit jackets and trousers to loafers. This trend takes a new spin on menswear with a feminine twist with structured and sophisticated looks perfect for the office environment. What do you think of this trend? Follow the blog on twitter @5tyled

H&M £29.99 or $49.95



Topshop £100 or $198 greyTopshop


Topshop £50 or $100 greyTopshop


Topshop £68 or $136Topshop


Topshop £100 or $198Topshop


Topshop £50 or $100Topshop


Topshop £165.00 or $330.00Topshop


Credit to Topshop and H&M for images.

Pick of the Month:October 2012

This months pick of the month is this awesome leather jacket from ASOS. Leather is huge this year and one of the most popular pieces associated with this trend is of course the leather jacket which is always a statement piece. The good thing about Leather jackets is that they never go out of fashion and will always be popular. This one also features a studded design on the collar which is featured heavily in the trends for fall. This jacket is available from ASOS for £125/$219.88, it may seem expensive but as i said before a leather jacket is timeless and will always be an important staple piece to any wardrobe. What do you think about this jacket? Are you a fan of the leather trend ? Follow the blog on twitter @4everfash. Credit to Asos.com for image.