How To Get Inspired In Blogging Again

beauty-blog-blogger, diptyque candles, girl boss, inspoAnyone that runs a blog will know that there is always times when you can feel uninspired and demotivated to write. Particularly if you have been blogging for a long time, it is easy to feel like you have run out of ideas. I have went through a couple of periods were I feel brain dead in that I struggle with ideas and feel rather ‘meh’ about blogging in general. Yet, at the same time I love blogging and it would be rather sad to see an end to everything  I’ve put so much effort in to. Bouncing back from a time of feeling uninspired in my blog, I thought I would share my tips as to how you can get inspired again in blogging if you are going through a tough blogging time!


When I am feeling a bit put off by blogging, I like to remember the positives about it and of course why I started it in the first place. Thinking about the progress you’ve made is important and also the community of people who support your blog. I started my blog as a place to discuss the latest trends and offload on my love for fashion and style. My blog has grown throughout the years and changed along with my own interests which is such a lovely thing to look back on. There is times when I blog and I feel like I am talking to a brick wall yet I love discussing my interests and there is always someone on the other end who enjoys it. Blogging takes a lot of work but it can bring so much pride and it’s important to think about how far you have came and how there is also so much more to give!


There is nothing worse than running out of ideas and at the last minute writing up a quick blog post that is rushed and not to your best ability. There is no point in putting effort into something if your heart isn’t in it. There is nothing wrong with taking a bit of time out of your blogging schedule to refresh your brain for ideas. It is always quality over quantity. I read some blogs that only post every so often yet I am always going back as the quality of the posts is always on top form. Blogging shouldn’t be a forced thing, no one is going to stop reading your blog if you miss out a post on your scheduled day! Take some time off blogging and recharge then gradually build up your posts again!


I love reading blogs! They inspire me so much with my own blog and essentially keep me in blogging. I am always swooning over how beautiful a blog is and getting inspired to change up my own blog. When it comes to thinking of blog ideas, I want to create content that I would personally read. Looking at blogs that I read and the content they create can give you ideas as to what kind of posts you should be publishing to fit your own interests. Social media such as Instagram and Pinterest are also useful tools for inspiration particularly on images for your blog and can also have useful pieces of advice! Obviously when it comes to taking inspiration from others, you don’t want to blatantly copy anyone’s work instead just taking ideas that you can develop in your own way!


Coming from the last point on inspiration, I can often be inspired to change up my blog in terms of layout and style. When you are feeling a bit down in relation to your blog, giving it a fresh look can help inspire you again. We all love all things new so a new logo or design can be a great idea to help you get back into blogging. Also updating your about page or adding new pages and features can bring a little bit of new life to your blog and help get you excited about blogging once again!

How do you get inspired in blogging?


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Sources of Healthy Lifestyle Inspiration

Healthy Lifestyle Inspiration Eating Life Blog Blogger lblogger Deliciously Ella Madeleine Shaw Vegan Gluten Free Living Eat Food Health Healthy eating and simply adopting a healthier lifestyle has never been a strong point of mine. I’ve always been determined to try and be that bit healthier but it all ends up a disaster in the end. After trying and giving up after so long, I thought it was about time that I seriously did this whole healthy lifestyle thing. Rather than going for the extreme, I have been taking small steps in trying to reduce my sugar intake and trying out healthier recipes. Although in order to make myself that more determined to succeed, I need a little inspiration. So I thought I would share my favourite people, blogs, books etc. that give me a little inspo!

Madeleine Shaw

If I can get the glow like Madeleine then I will be very happy indeed! Madeleine is a great source of inspiration as she has so many platforms sharing great advice, recipes and also yoga poses. Her blog and her books are the best sources as they offer so much great inspiration for cooking. Her website is super sleek and easy to navigate with great posts of advice and is always updated with some great recipes that I am always desperate to give a go (particularly the sweet treats!). For even more online access, she has a great YouTube channel all about healthy living as well as her Instagram and Snapchat accounts which always provide a good chunk of inspo! Lastly, I have to mention her books. She has two cookbooks out at the minute, I currently own the second Ready, Steady Glow which is really good and packed with some delicious looking recipes. I have only tried out a couple from the book but I am desperate to give more ago especially her Oat Vegan pancakes, yum!

Deliciously Ella

I am sure many of you will be aware of Ella from Deliciously Ella as her books are ever so popular and she is a blogger favourite! Again she has a couple of books out and I have her Ella, Every Day book which I have been loving. The quinoa and turmeric curry (pictured above) is incredible and I am so excited to work through the book, with one of her risotto recipes next on the list! Again like Madeleine, she is available on so many platforms. Her website is great and filled with some amazing recipes, I particularly love her energy ball recipes. It is definitely worth checking out before picking up the books! She also has a skincare collab right now with Neals Yard which looks awesome as well as having her own energy balls available in Whole Foods. Definitely one to be inspired by!

The Green Life

After scouring the web/instagram for healthy recipes, I came across this blog which is packed with a wonderful selection of mostly vegan recipes. The photography is so beautiful and there is a great selection of really simple yet different recipes. Basically everything she features looks incredible particularly her ice lollies! I have made quite a few of her recipes and they have been ones I have stuck to for ages, particularly her drink recipes like this strawberry shake which is delicious!

Also other instagram accounts to check out for swoon-worthy food inspo: @izyhossack, @vegfoodvideos, @simplyquinoa and @rachlmansfield

Where do you find lifestyle inspiration? 


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My Favourite Youtube Channels for Fashion/Beauty Inspo

avourite-youtube-channels-beauty-fashion-youtubers-online-contentYouTube is one of my favourite platforms for exploring all things beauty and style. Whilst blogs give me great inspiration and I always thoroughly enjoy reading, there is something nice about also being able to see a person talk or show something in video format. I have never really been into the whole ‘YouTuber’ thing but there is many channels out there that I watch religiously. My tastes in YouTube channels obviously reflect the kind of content I write on my blog so I thought I would share some of my favourite channels that give me inspiration from beauty to style and to general lifestyle.


Lily Pebbles

Probably one of my first favourite beauty YouTube channels that I got hooked on to. I adore Lily’s content, she creates such well edited and put together videos particularly her montage-y videos and her vlogs are by far my favourite vlogs to watch! I’ve put her under the beauty category however she does make a great mix of lifestyle-y videos.

I Covet Thee

Alix is also a long time favourite of mine. Again she does a great mix but her beauty videos are definitely my favourite to watch. She is always influencing many of my beauty buys and I always love her natural pretty makeup looks. Again her videos are so beautifully edited!

Lisa Eldridge

Of course I have to mention the makeup queen. If you are looking for tutorials to seriously learn the art of applying makeup then Lisa is your gal! She is by far my favourite makeup artist as I just adore the passion she has for it and the whole idea of enhancing what you already have!


Lydia Elise Millen

I have always been more of a beauty watcher on YouTube however I am totally into style and have developed a few new loves. I adore Lydia’s classic style and her down to earth personality. Her luxury hauls always draw me in and I am left just drooling over another handbag!

Chase Amie

A very recent love of mine is Amie’s channel. I am truly obsessed with this gal! Her channel is mostly related to luxury accessories which is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine right now. What I love about her though is that she has such a calming voice but also she appears so friendly and down to earth and not in anyway braggy or snobbish about her very impressive designer bag and shoe collection! Her videos are also wonderfully informative and interesting!

Heyyy June

Another luxury channel is June’s which I am also loving, can you tell I am having a luxury moment right now!? Again I adore June’s very pleasant and friendly attitude despite talking about her vast luxury collection. Her reviews are always very in depth and who knew I would be craving a bit of Louis Vuitton again but damn June makes me want a LV Speedy more than anything else!


Vivianna Does Makeup

Back to an old favourite, Anna of course. I thought I would mention Anna under lifestyle despite her beauty and style content which I love however she does some great other lifestyle-y videos. She is a great healthy fitness inspiration for me and I love catching up on what cookbooks she recommends and her new favourite healthy recipes! Again like everyone else I mentioned, she has a great personality and I feel like I know her personally!

What is your favourite YouTube channels? 


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A Little Motivation

277a7eab52042fc590dfaa7161903a8cWe all have one of those days. By that I mean the times were its difficult to have any positive feelings and your stuck questioning all your choices. There are days were I constantly think ‘Why I am doing this?’ and I’m sure I am not alone on that one. Whether its blogging, work, uni, school or just anything the stress and difficulties can overlook all the positive thoughts of your work. At the end of the day its important to realise why you are doing it and what you want from it. Life can be difficult but at the end of the day every bit of effort you put into something, a better reward can come out of it.

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How has your day been?



Fave Pins: Home Decor

CollageThere is no denying that I could spend hours upon hours looking at Pinterest. It always gets me so inspired to change something whether it be decor, hair or style and lately I’ve been hooked on looking at home decor pins. I can’t be the only one who looks at these pins and basically plans some sort of crazy master plan to change the decor of my room. If only I had my own home *sad face*. I wanted to share some of my favourite home decor pins that get me feeling all inspired, motivated and jealous!

1. The Monochrome wardrobe – Oh how heavenly this is! If I had to live with a wardrobe filled with black and white clothes I would be totally happy. I just love the whole minimalist and clean look of this, everything is so neat and organized. It gets me so inspired to clean my entire wardrobe, a girl can dream right!? (source)

2. The Pink sofa – I may not own my own home so when it comes to living area decors these have to take a backseat for the time being. However its just so pretty. Again a very clean and minimalist theme and then in goes this ever so cute pink sofa to create such a nice contrast. (source)

3. The cozy home – How can you not love this! This is the winter dream, wrapping up in a blanket next to this cozy fireplace with a hot chocolate, dreamy right!? Again I love the neutral colour palette and how it still has such a ‘home’ vibe to it. (source)

4. The Monochrome desk – This is were the inspiration really kicks in! Having just got a new white desk I have been forever searching Pinterest on decor ideas and this one is perfect. I’m sure you can tell already I am a huge fan of the minimalist look and I just love how clean and crisp looking this is. I also love the cute fairy lights hanging from the shelf and the collection of frames, ooo I better get to it! (source)

So mentioning Pinterest, if you are an avid fan like myself then follow me here where you can check out my other decor faves! 

Are you a crazy Pinterest user?



Modani Mood Board

Mood BoardHappy December everyone! Yup it is December, can you believe it! Anyway slightly unusual post from me today, in collaboration with Modani furniture I am doing a little interior post which I’m pretty excited about. I am one of those people who loves looking at interior pictures on Pinterest for hours although it does get me on the constant search for new furniture and the thoughts of rearranging furniture and decorating all the time but hey ho who doesn’t love a bit of nice interior.

So I’ve put together a little living room mood board featuring some nice modern furniture items from Modani. I love this black sofa its so simple but such a staple piece. I’ve teamed it with some grey pieces including some pillows and a cute square rug. As well as adding this very chic silver vase and a stunning black lamp. And last but not least a very stylish and comfy looking black stool – perfect addition to this uber cool black sofa.

All of these items are from Modani Furniture. Please do check them out, they have some fab stuff and they are also a great source of inspiration through their pretty awesome virtual tours, worth a look!

So what is your fave piece?