Benefit Gimme Brow Review

Benefit Gimme Brow Medium


Benefit Gimme BrowIf there was one thing I always skipped when it came to makeup without a doubt it would be the brows! While everyone else adopted the sculpted fuller brow look I always went au-natural showing off my not so impressive thick untamed brows. However time has moved on and I’m now glad to say I do tend to give my brows some consideration in my makeup routine. I wasn’t just the fear of overdrawn ‘scouse brows’ that put me off even touching my brows but the fact that did I really have the extra time in the morning to fit in some brow taming? Well when the Benefit Gimme Brow came around yes I did!

Whilst I do love my Soap and Glory Archery pencil, there is nothing better than a quick swipe to reveal fuller brows. That is were the Benefit Gimme Brow comes in. I had heard so many good things about this little gem but I hadn’t quite got round to picking it up but I finally did it and I’m glad I did. I got the darker shade of the two available; Medium/Dee which is the perfect colour match for me. It is build able so if you are looking for natural looking brows or much fuller brows this little wand does it all.

One thing that did put me off this was the price. It is quite pricey at £17.50 for a tiny 3g tube but whether its worth that or not, I will need to see how long this one lasts. Brow-wise by adding a little swipe of this over my brows it helps fill in the sparse sections and also lasts all day without any awkward half eyebrow missing. Another gem from Benefit!

Also, I was thinking about taking a trip to the Benefit brow bar to get my brows shaped, I would love to hear if anyone has experienced them before?

Have you tried Benefit Gimme Brow?



Soap and Glory Archery: Review



IMG_3554My eyebrows are a mess. They really are. You might be one of those people who was naturally gifted with sleek brows or you might be like me with seriously untidy slugs on your face. I had seen so many positive reviews on Soap and Glory’s Archery eye brow tint and shaping pencil that I really couldn’t resist picking it up in my last shopping trip in a bid to neaten up my messy brows. Boots had a great buy one get one half price deal on S&G products meaning I picked up this at a neat £5 rather than its £10 price tag. The product has two sides, one the brow tint pen and the other a shaping crayon.

IMG_3519My not so lovely eyebrows (Before).

IMG_3521So to use this product you start with the pen tint side and brush on the tint over your eyebrow to fill in the colour.

IMG_3523My eyebrow after using the tint pen.

IMG_3529Then its time for the other side, the crayon to shape the eyebrow.

IMG_3534And Voila! (left eyebrow: archery look, right eyebrow: no product)

So if you are like me with incredibly messy brows I definitely recommend this product. As you can see while my eyebrows could do with a bit of plucking they look a lot better than before. The product is incredibly simple to use and apply and still allows your brows to look natural. Great product!