Best Essie Nail Summer Shades

essie-nail-polish-summer-shades-best-top-bright-colours-nailsWhen Summer comes around I am all for bright nails. I am more of a neutral gal when it comes to nail shades but there is something about bold colourful nails at this time of year. After having a look at my collection to pick out my favourite Summer picks, I realised that all my favourites happened to come from Essie. No surprise really but they do have a great shade range and the formula of their range is always impressive.


A new shade from their current Summer 2016 range, a gorgeous orange-y coral shade that will look amazing with a tan.


One from last Summers range, a gorgeous pistachio lime shade which is a super unique colour.


What is better than a beautiful light sea blue for Summer! See my full post on this one here, funnily enough on a Winter related note.


A bright fuchsia shade from a previous Summer collection.


The perfect red that everyone needs in their collection. A versatile classic shade that would work all year round but the bold hue would be perfect in the Summer months.


A vivid orange shade that would look great on tanned/darker skin tones.

What is your favourite Summer nail shade?


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Top 5 Essie Nail Shades

essie-nail-polish-favourites-best-top-five-nails-colourEssie are without a doubt up there as one of my top nail polish brands, or even probably the best. They offer such an incredible shade range with a reliable long-lasting formula yet at an affordable cost. I have collected quite a few nail polishes from the brand now and thought I would round up my top five favourite shades. If you are a newbie to Essie then these recommendations also build a perfect little Essie starter kit!

Bahama Mama

If you seen my ‘Perfect nail wardrobe’ post then you will know that a berry shade is a must in any nail collection. This shade is essentially my Autumn go-to, it  is a little unique from a standard red berry typical fall shade in that it has a rich plum-y tone to it and lies more in the purple side of things rather than red. If you like more darker intense shades then this is one to go for!

Fifth Avenue

Everyone needs a good staple bold red in their nail collection. It is one of those fail-safe options and fifth avenue is the perfect option. The shade is your typical fire-engine bright red that looks super sophisticated all year round.

Cocktail Bling

If I had to choose my favourite nail shade, I would always say a blue-y greige shade and Cocktail Bling is just one of those. A blue-y grey, this shade is perfect for Winter time and looks really sleek despite having a bit of colour to it.

Sand Tropez

Another must have is a good nude shade. The sandy beige-y tones of this shade make is a great staple neutral to have so it is great for any occasion!

Maximillian Strasse-Her

Another one of my all-time favourites, similar to Cocktail Bling however this shade offers a mix of green, blue and grey-ish tones. Again it offers that bit of colour without being too out there so makes a nice alternative to a boring neutral!

What is your favourite Essie shades?


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Essie Chillato

Essie ChillatoWhen it comes to nail shades I always prefer going for something a little dark or neutral. Pretty much like my wardrobe eh. Bright colours can sometimes be a little too much and in your face kinda shades but my recent summer love has had me sporting a little colour. Essie Chillato had my heart beating since I first seen it in the line up for the Essie Summer 2015 collection. While the collection had a couple of pretty shades, this pistachio yellow-y green shade was pretty unique and added something different to my collection. The colour is just so perfect, its not too in your face but adds a little splash of colour and a summery vibe to a basic outfit. Yellow nail polishes are something I try to avoid but the paler colour of this makes it super wearable. Of course as you would expect from Essie the formula is also spot on. Long lasting and this shade only needs a couple of coats and you’re ready to go!

P.S Apologies for the shoddy nail selfie, this photo was taken after a double application and a couple of nail breakages. Typical eh!

What’s your go-to summer nail shade?


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