June Playlist

June PlaylistIt’s time for another monthly playlist were I give you all a little look into what I’ve been listening to in the past month. Can I just bring up how amazing Alexa Chung looks on the cover of Harpers Bazaar this month! Can I please have her hair! Anyway back to the music, the actual topic of this post. This month has been a bit of lazy one (you may have seen from my Monthly Roundup) so I haven’t really had the patience to sit and listen to any full albums so this month I listened to a lot of stuff that was pretty much repeated on the radio on a daily basis. Chart-topping catchy tunes from Nick Jonas, Jason Derulo and Ariana Grande made the playlist this month despite not having much of an interest in them personally. There is also a bit of an oldie from Fleetwood Mac which I think is such an underrated song of theirs. I also discovered Hozier who have such a unique sound and appeal a lot to me so I will definitely be checking out more of their stuff!

What have you been listening to this month?


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Ed Sheeran Live

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Happy Monday everyone 🙂 Before I dive into the post today I just wanted to say Thank you to everyone who follows me as I have now reached 200 followers! Thanks so much, it might not be a crazy amount but it means a lot that someone actually reads my blog haha, and also if you guys have any requests for posts please comment or fill in the contact form here, it really helps thanks 🙂

Anyway a couple of weeks ago I got to go and see one of my favourite artists perform live. It was of course ‘Ginger Jesus’ himself Ed Sheeran. I have been a huge fan of Ed since his first album which is amazing and I only now got to go and see him live for the first time and he was incredible! If you haven’t listened to his second album ‘X’ then please do its fantastic and also check out the music video of Thinking Out Loud which is my favourite song of his, its so perfect – wedding dance material over here! In terms of the concert, it was very different to any one I’ve previously been to. Most of the shows I’ve attended have been a huge crazy affair with lights and visuals and a whole band of performers but with Ed, it was just him on the stage with his guitar. I don’t know how he does it but that man with just a guitar was truly amazing, there was no need for anything else. What a guy!

Are you a fan of Ed?



Summer Tunes 2014

Summer is all about the feel-good factor and positivity and one thing that can make us happy is music. Whether you are planning a beach party, BBQ or just having sometime to yourself we all need a bit of music to get us in the mood. Below are some hits that I will be playing all summer long and I suggest you do too!

This song is a necessary for all summer playlists, The title of the song suggests it all really..  DJ Calvin Harris has added his vocals to new track Summer which is perfect for any summer party and is definitely got the feel-good factor.

This song by Sigma is a remix of a sample used in Bound 2 by Kanye West and this has to be one of my favorite tunes at the moment. I am not much of a Kayne fan so Bound 2 does not really appeal to me however the intro is pretty good and UK group Sigma jumped on that bandwagon and created a remix of the ‘good bit’ and I must say in my opinion its far superior to Bound 2 and works a lot better.  This is worth a listen!

And Calvin Harris has also been busy on this song too, he wrote and produced I will never let you down for girlfriend Rita Ora and its a catchy number perfect for summer.. and oh how I am loving the pink trench coat!

And last but not least is the very talented singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran who is back with his first single of his new album ‘multiply’ which is fab btw! Sing is quite different for Ed with a Justin Timberlake-esque style to it which is down to Pharrell who produced the track however it still has Ed written all over it and its incredibly catchy!