Monthly Roundup: October

October RoundupWith November days away it’s time to round up my month of October. Oh how scary that sounds! October has been a bit of a hectic month for me to say the least. With demanding uni deadlines and just not enough hours in the day unfortunately my blog came last in my list of priorities this month. Writing blog posts has been a bit of a rush this month and I did annoyingly miss a couple of posting days. I really do apologise for that, it is incredibly annoying and pretty difficult trying to keep everything in schedule. With a couple of assignments getting out the way I do hope that I can keep on top of things for next month and maybe get a little more organised (potential blog post right there?).

Anyway moving on from the negatives, whilst my month was consumed by work and more work I also had a few exciting things happen. Firstly, now If you recall my monthly roundup back in July here I spoke about how I passed my driving theory test. It’s been a few months since then but after booking my practical driving test, I passed first time! So I am now a legal driver, how exciting! I am so so happy! It’s just been so much more convenient now that I can drive! I also tried my hand at motorway driving last week which is very different but not too bad. Definitely something I will need to get used to though!

Also yet again something I will be mentioning for the billionth time but I finally had my One Direction concert this month. You may or may not know but I am a huge fan of the boys and have been waiting for months to see them on their UK tour. My show finally came around and it was truly amazing! It was also really nice to have something to look forward to and it was just an amazing night that I wish I could do all over again.

Lastly, an exciting and very well longed after purchase happened. You may recall way back in August I did a Birthday wishlist post and featured the Tarte Tartelette palette which of course was sold out for ages. After doing a little bit of browsing I found it in stock and of course had to pick it up! I am more of a shimmer gal than matte so it’s definitely a bit different for me but I am enjoying using it so far. I will give you all a more detailed review though later! Speaking of Tarte though, I would love to hear any recommendations from the brand, I am dying to try out more of their products! So please do let me know your favourite Tarte products! I was hoping that October would be a no spending month but of course that never happened so I did pick up a few other beauty bits that I am sure I will be mentioning over the course of the next month.

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What did you get up to during the month of October?


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Monthly Round-up: July

July Monthly RoundupIt’s time for another monthly roundup, oh how fast time goes! It feels like just yesterday I was rambling on about going on holiday and now I am back home to the miserable weather! Anyway this month was pretty full on and a lot busier in comparison to my laid back month of June (catch up here). So luckily I do have a few things to mention from what I got up to this month!

So obviously as I have already stated (a million times) I went off on holiday this month. You may have noticed my slight absence this month on the blog and from my related travel posts (you can them check out here and here). Of course during that time I was spending my days lying in the sunshine enjoying the heat that has been pretty non-existent in the UK. I went to the South of Spain which was just so lovely! The weather was incredible and definitely some of the highest temperatures I’ve ever experienced abroad so the sun cream and ice cream appeared quite a few times! So overall I had a fab time and also got a little spendy at duty free but I’ll probably dish the deeds on that one later!

As well as having a fab time in the sunshine a couple of other exciting things happened back home. Firstly, I got a job! If you are unaware basically I am a full time uni student at the moment so most of my time is spent in education but for the longest time now I was looking for a part time job and I finally got one. I obviously don’t have a lot of hours but just having the feeling of being able to earn my own money is so satisfying. It is just a basic retail job but I have been enjoying it so far and I’ve been working alongside some lovely people too!

Also, just last week I passed my driving theory test. Yay! I am not sure if I had mentioned about driving on my blog before but for a year now I’ve been learning to drive and I only just got to taking my theory test. I am super happy to get it out the way and now look to taking my actual driving test which is super scary but so exciting! I just can’t wait til I can legally drive and not have to get the train to work! So that was my exciting month, now here’s to August… my birthday month 🙂

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How did you spend July?


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