The ‘Dream Duo’

IMG_4535IMG_4549They are two of the most raved about products in the beauty world and the stand out products of the Nars brand. Without even looking at the images its pretty easy to know what I’m talking about: Nars Orgasm blush and Nars Laguna bronzer. Every major beauty blogger/vlogger cherishes and worships these two powder compacts like its their own children and I can understand why.

‘Orgasm’ Blush – Starting with the unusually named blush, this product is quite a bright and very build-able pink blush. It looks quite daunting in the packaging however it has a lovely glow and soft finish once applied. A little goes a long way with this blush and its perfect with my Real Techniques Contour blush to give my cheeks a lovely finish. Its a tad pricey at £22.50 but its investment that is worth it.

‘Laguna’ Bronzer – And finally the second half of the duo is the Laguna bronzer which is simply perfect. One of the major problems with bronzers is the shading, they can sometimes appear orange or muddy and no one wants that but Laguna is just right. It creates a soft look on the skin which isn’t too harsh and is great for contouring. I am mixing my use of brushes with this product but mostly I have been using the Real Techniques Blush brush. Again this is still pretty deep in pricing at £27 but if you haven’t tried this I think its worth a try 🙂