Top 3 Makeup Brushes

IMG_5090In my opinion, the secret to a perfect flawless look is to have some good quality brushes. You can have the most expensive foundation but with a cheap and poor quality brush you are not going to have the results you are lusting after. I have had my fair share of pretty bad makeup brushes but for the price I paid I wasn’t really expecting the best quality. Then of course came the Real Techniques brushes <3. These are probably the most raved about makeup brushes, I don’t think you will find a beauty blogger without one of these precious beauties. They are amazing quality and also a fantastic price. I have picked up quite a few of these brushes but I have my particular faves that I just couldn’t live without!

Buffing Brush – This brush came in the core brush set which is around £20 or a little cheaper if you purchase through Amazon. The great thing about these brushes is that they are so versatile and can be used for quite a few number of things. I use this brush mainly for pressed powder and then I actually use it with my bronzer to contour as it prevents harsh lines and really gives it a good finish on the skin.

Stippling Brush – This is probably my overall favourite. When it comes to foundation, I am a brush gal. I always had a bad experience with applying foundation from those wedge sponges to the flat foundation brush, they were just not working until I got this. Its the perfect brush for working with liquid foundation and blends it in to the skin so effortlessly with the perfect finish. This brush is sold separately.

Contour Brush – Considering I’ve already mentioned contouring with another brush you might be quite intrigued where this brush comes in. While I think this brush is also quite handy for contouring, I prefer this for blush. Its the perfect size for just a little spot of pink powder for the cheeks and ensures there isn’t any OTT blush. This is also part of the core collection range.

So are you a fan of Real Techniques Brushes?