6 Years Of Blogging

Blogging Birthday CupcakeTomorrow marks a pretty special day for me. If you haven’t already guessed from the title then well tomorrow is my sixth year of blogging. Six years ago I stumbled across WordPress for reasons I cannot remember but I happened to set up an account and the rest is history I guess as I sit here typing on the same blog six years later. At the time, I was barely in my teens and with a strong interest for fashion I loved the feeling of having my own little online magazine (what I thought of it anyway!) and whilst I wasn’t the most dedicated blogger at that time it was still a pride possession of mine.

Now in 2016, as I leave my teenage years behind, my blog has evolved a lot since I first started. I completely re-branded my blog last year and also bought my own domain, passions and interests have also changed as I developed a strong love for beauty which now holds as the prime topic covered on my blog. If you told me in 2010 that I would be splurging on luxury beauty products I probably would’ve laughed it off, I would’ve felt the same if I got told I would have a proper blog schedule! It is safe to say my blog has changed dramatically and for many of my regular readers it may come as a surprise that I have been sitting behind this blog for six whole years. It feels insane to be saying that! For the first few years though I never blogged regularly at all so you were lucky to see a monthly post from me, oh how times have changed!

Anyway I thought I would reflect on my time blogging and talk about what I have learnt from being a blogger and also a little look at some of my posts through the years!

What I have learnt:

  1. The Internet isn’t as scary as you think – This is a pretty important one especially with blogging. I think we all have this image of online bullying and nastiness online when it comes to online communities etc although with blogging it couldn’t have been any different. It is so nice to be within a community of such lovely people who all share common interests. When it comes to blogging there is so many people in the same boat and it is just a lovely place to communicate with others. Thanks to all the lovely bloggers out there for all your support and being so lovely!
  2. Blogging takes time – Blogging seems easy from the outside but it really isn’t. It takes time to grow your blog and find your style. It also requires time and dedication which is never easy when blogging isn’t your job. There is a lot to it with writing posts, promoting on social media, responding to comments/emails, photography etc although in the end it does feel worth it!
  3. Comparison really is the thief of joy – I think everyone compares themselves to others in some kind of way especially when it comes to blogging. I love reading blogs and I discover so many amazing creative online spaces that sometimes make me unappreciative towards my own. It is important to take pride in your own work and remember everyone is different. The best thing about other blogs is that they can simply inspire you to feel motivated and enthusiastic about blogging!
  4. It’s okay to be yourself – Following on from the last point, I think blogging teaches you a lot about yourself. Just looking back at my six years of blogging I have also changed as a person by developing new interests and opinions. I think sometimes we try to adopt to social norms by doing things and acting how others would accept although your life, your rules, right? Having a blog has allowed me to really be myself by for once by focusing on my real interests in life. There is no point in trying to be someone you’re not.

Reflecting on old posts.. 

What have you learnt from blogging?


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Monthly Roundup: August

August RoundupIt’s hard to believe I am here rounding up another month (soon) gone by. It feels like I only just spoke about my month of July but here we are already nearing the start of Autumn. How exciting! I don’t mean to scare anyone but as we enter the 9th month of the year, there is only a few months until Christmas! With the rate this year has went at it will be here before you know it! Anyway back to the focus of this blog post, my month of August.

Of course one of the most exciting things that happened this month was my little blog makeover! If you are a regular reader around these parts then I am sure you are already aware of the slight changes here and there. I was getting pretty tired of the old layout and I am pretty chuffed with how it’s turned out! Thanks for all your lovely comments too! I am super glad it’s went done well! Who said change had to be a bad thing!?

Of course, August also meant it was my birthday! I had a pretty quiet birthday this year compared to last year. The only thing I really did was go out for lunch which was really nice. Also, you may have seen my Birthday beauty wishlist I also did on the blog earlier this month. I did pick up a few of the bits from the wishlist namely Charlotte Tilbury so check back soon for a little look at what I picked up. I can’t wait to start using them!

Also, I went to go see Paper Towns this month too! I read the book during my holiday and loved it so I was very eager to see the movie adaption. It really didn’t let me down. It really did the book justice even though there was a couple of differences but I definitely recommend it! That was all really I got up to this month besides the large quantities of online shopping that got carried out… oops! Lets just say I picked up quite a lot of nail polish so keep your eye out for some nail related posts along the way! Oh and lastly I joined Instagram not too long ago either and I am pretty much hooked so follow me here if you like a good beauty pic or two!

Catch up on August posts: Mac Brave lipstick, 50 Things That Make Me Happy, 5 Beauty Products under £10 and the gorgeous Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette.

What did you get up to this month?


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Birthday Beauty Wishlist

c700x700 (1)So while August may mark the month of going back to school, the ending of summer it also marks something else special (for me anyway). August is my birthday month *celebration dance* So of course that means lots of cake and the perfect opportunity to have a little splurge on some of my wish list goodies. Like all us beauty junkies, the beauty wishlist is never ending but I thought I would share with you all some of the products at the top of my list that hopefully I will pick up during the month as a little birthday treat!

First up is a new lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury cause you can’t have a wishlist without CT and if you’re gonna treat yourself this is the definition of treat yo’ self. Now I do have a couple of CT lipsticks that I would love to get my hands on but Miss Kensington, a gorgeous nude pink makes top of the list as it is a limited edition release… even more reason to purchase! The formula of these are amazing and this colour is so up my street!

Now I constantly hear about how amazing Mac eyeshadows are yet I haven’t purchased a single one. I am so desperate to start my own palette and I want to make a little quad first. Two eyeshadows I would like to get my hands on are Blackberry and Cork which both look super pretty! What Mac eyeshadows do you recommend?

Now time for the ultimate lust worthy product. The gorgeous Tartelette palette. Now I have heard so much regarding the Tarte brand but I’ve still not made a purchase since its pretty tricky to get a hold of in the UK. Luckily though QVC are a UK stockist of Tarte and one item I am desperate to get a hold of is this gorgeous all matte palette. I was never much of a matte eyeshadow fan with my heart more towards shimmery finishes although the look of this palette completely changed my mind. I just need matte in my life. Annoyingly though this is now out of stock, please QVC I need this palette, its my birthday!

Of course I couldn’t just stick with one CT product! One product I’ve been dying to try for so long is of course the well hyped Pillow Talk lip liner. The formula of these are meant to be spot on and the colour looks gorgeous so why not! Also I love the look of her Colour Chameleon eyeshadow sticks! The shades are supposed work with your eye colour and make your eyes pop. Since I have blue eyes I would love to try Champagne Diamonds which is a beautiful champagne pearly shade that would lovely for both during the day and at night.

What’s on your beauty wishlist?


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August Favourites

IMG_3599Can you believe its September already! I felt like summer only began and now its reaching the end, crazy! Anyway its time to recap on my favourite items of last month. August has been one crazy month but I did celebrate my birthday and go shopping (a lot!).

IMG_3610This month I finally got my hands on the Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadows which are fantastic. I got three shades but my favourite has to be On and On Bronze which is a neat shimmery bronze colour. I recently did a review on the three shadows which you can check out here. The shadow is highly pigmented and long lasting so if you haven’t already then I suggest you pick this up!

IMG_3612Another item I got in my recent haul was the Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner. I am going to put my hands up and admit I am terrible with eyeliner. I have tried every medium of eyeliner available from pencil to liquid to gel and I have still not mastered the winged eyeliner. However I thought I would try Supercat which is a felt tip style eyeliner which I had not previously tried. This has to be the best eyeliner I have ever used, its so easy to apply and great for people like me who are hopeless with eyeliner. I can now say that I am getting a lot better with the winged eyeliner look 🙂

IMG_3617As I stated earlier I celebrated my birthday in August and I received this cute pastel necklace from a friend. I had been looking for a nice big jeweled necklace for a while now at a good price but I kept holding it off so it was nice to receive this as a gift and even better that pastels are here to stay for fall so I can continue to keep this beauty on!

IMG_3619And last but not least I also got this bag for my birthday. I had been looking for a new bag for a while (well to be honest I am always looking for new bags!) and my mum kindly bought me this cute colour block bag from New Look. Its a great size for all my essentials and comes with a handy adjustable shoulder strap.



Christian Dior:Couture Spring 2013

Hello everyone! Before we start can i just say that it was the blog’s 3rd birthday yesterday!!! Yay!! So i have to say Thank you to all the lovely subscribers/ followers or whatever you would like to classify yourself as so thank you very much and I hope you enjoy reading the blog! Anyway enough of the birthday thanks and celebrations as the countdown to NYFW begins here is a look at the Christian Dior Spring Couture Collection that was shown at Paris Couture Fashion Week last week.  There seemed to be a floral theme running through the show as the runway was designed with plants and greenery as well as many of the designs featured in the collection having a floral touch or spring feel to them with bright yellows and reds. The collection also features the gown that Jennifer Lawrence wore to the SAG awards last week which of course made the headlines due to her ‘malfunction’ which happened just before accepting her award. Here below are some shots from the runway show. Are you a fan of this collection ? To see all the runway shots go to Style.com. Credit to Style.com for images.

Christian Dior 1Christian Dior 2Christian Dior 3Christian Dior 4

Happy 2 years and 100 posts !!

Hey everyone you might have noticed on my last post that i said that it was my 100th post, well can i also mention today in fact is also the 2nd birthday of the 4everfashion! Its a nice way to celebrate with having 100 posts on the same as 2 years today on the blog. So a big thank you to my followers and to everyone who has contributed to the blog Thank you so much !! You have been a great help 🙂 Still can’t believe that its the 2nd birthday on the same day as having 100 posts !! Credit to itzaboutfashion.blogspot for image.