Inside My Beauty Sample Box #2

sample-beauty-box-origins-makeup-skincare-trial-charlotte-tilbury-kiehlsIf you remember back to the start of the year, I gave you all a little peek inside my beauty sample box. Now I thought it was time to give you another look at some more samples I’ve been trying out. My box seems to keep filling up with beauty samples! It seems that so many brands and online retailers are always supplying you with some kind of sample which is great as they make a really good way of trying out products without breaking the bank! So here is what I have been trying out.

Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection Sun Lotion 

Not my usual kind of product to try out but we all need sun protection! Sun cream isn’t the most exciting thing to try out but basically it needs to fit the requirements of firstly protecting your skin (obviously!) and also not feeling sticky or greasy. I am happy to say that it delivers on that! It is definitely not in any way greasy feeling, instead it feels really nice on my skin. Another thing I really like about this is the scent. I usually like the scent of sun lotion anyway but this has a beautiful almost coconut-y scent to it which is so summery and sweet!

Purchase full-size?: I don’t really need sun lotion right now but in future I would definitely consider this!

Origins GinZing Eye Cream

Origins seem to be like Benefit in terms of how many products I have tried. Not long ago I was such a newbie to Origins but now I have tried quite a lot of their popular products (with more coming my way in the mail!) as it is so easy to try out their products in terms of samples and travel sizes. Recently, I got my hands on a sample of their eye cream from their GinZing range which I had previously not tried. I am a huge lover of the Kiehl’s Avocado eye cream so I did have to compare it to that. Sadly for me whilst it feels refreshing, it is a lightweight gel and for me I prefer a much thicker consistency. If you suffer from dark circles, this might be a nice one for you however I use eye cream to help strengthen my weak skin under my eyes and the thickness of the Kiehl’s one works wonders so unfortunately the Origins one is too light and not as creamy and moisturising to make a difference.

Purchase full-size?: No, I will be sticking to my trusty Kiehl’s one!

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation

I am a huge lover of the Charlotte Tilbury range! So obviously I had to try my hand at her ever popular foundations. You may know I sadly wasn’t a fan of the Magic foundation, my review here, however I got a sample of this to hopefully be impressed! I did try the Magic one first and after being disappointed, I was hoping that the Light Wonder would make up for it! Sadly that wasn’t the case! I was super disappointed in this foundation! The real issue I had was that the coverage was far too light and it just seemed to wash over me without even correcting my skin tone and the more I added, the more cakey it appeared too. Not the foundation I expected it to be!

Purchase full-size?: Sadly, nope!

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser SPF30

Kiehl’s are very well known for their great range of moisturisers. I am actually looking for a new moisturiser (with my eye on the Skin Rescuer from the brand) and I had a few samples already to test out from Kiehl’s. This one has an impressive SPF 30! I always like to have an SPF if I can in a moisturiser so this is definitely a bonus! It is a super lightweight moisturiser although maybe too light on my skin. I did find it fairly basic, not the most moisturising sadly! I am sure many people will love this although I just felt like I wanted more from it!

Purchase full-size?: I will be skipping this one and hopefully testing something else!

What samples have you been trying?


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Inside My Beauty Sample Box

Beauty Samples BoxI love a good sample, especially when it involves beauty products (food samples are good too!). It is such a convenient and cost friendly way to try out a product before committing to splash the cash. Luckily, magazines and store counters are pretty generous when it comes to samples which means it is pretty easy to grab yourself a little free trial of a product you want to try. I’ve gathered up quite a few samples over time and I like to keep them all together in a little box so it is easy for me to reach them whenever I want to try something new. So I thought I would give you all a little look into what products I have been giving a try lately! (If you would like to see more of these posts then give me the heads up and I could make this into a little series!)

Charlotte Tilbury WonderGlow Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash

This is a primer I had been desperate to try for so long so was pretty happy to find it alongside a Charlotte Tilbury package. Having tried quite a few CT products now I have been more than impressed with her exquisite range however this primer fell a little short for me. In my opinion, it was far too glittery rather than glowy. The glitter was detectable on the skin and I think a more sheen-y finish would have been much nicer! I am sure many will like this but it just wasn’t for me especially with a high unjustifiable price tag!

Purchase full-size?: Nope, much more effective primers out there and better options for glowy skin!

Aesop Parsley Seed Mask 

Another product that I have been ever so desperate to try is this mask from Aesop. My desperation to try this made me end up emailing the brand to request samples! Very kindly, they sent out a few sachets for me to try. It is basically like your typical clay type mask although with slightly different consistency. The mask is quite thin and liquidy at first and feels like a normal face mask being rather comfortable. It then dries down as you would expect with a slight tightening feeling but nothing overly uncomfortable. I feel like I still need to test this one out more as I haven’t reached a conclusive opinion on it. It feels very nice on the skin especially for a clay mask but I am still unsure about the results!

Purchase full-size?: Not sure, will continue to try this one out!

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25Hour Foundation 

I am sure you will all be aware of my love-hate relationship with drug-store foundations. Yet I feel like I’ve found a winner! I actually tried a sample of this a while back but the medium coverage version opposed to the full coverage version and I really liked it, Now this time having tried the full coverage I am desperate to pick up a bottle. I am on shaky grounds at the minute with my L’Oreal matte foundation so this could be perfect for everyday wear! It did everything I hope for in a foundation so I will definitely pick this up soon!

Purchase full-size?: Well obviously!

Kiehl’s BB Cream 

I actually have quite a few Kiehl’s samples floating around as they are hella generous when it comes to samples! One thing I got given was the BB cream to try and at first I wasn’t particularly fond but after a few uses I actually quite like this. Although I do have to get the major negative out of the way; the scent. This has the worst scent for any cosmetic product I have tried. It basically smells like curry or some sort of hot food that your face shouldn’t smell like. I am not usually too bothered by scent but this is very off putting which is a shame as it is a really nice product! Scent aside, the shade is a little too dark but workable, the finish though is really nice and sits and lasts well on my skin. It also has SPF 50 too, bonus!

Purchase full-size?: I am on the fense, bad scent but nice finish hmm!

Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base

I have wanted to try Burberry’s base products for a while so I was looking forward to giving this primer a go. Quite similar to the idea of the Charlotte Tilbury one although luckily this one doesn’t contain specks of glitter! As much as I like glowy skin, I think I have came to the conclusion that glowy primers just aren’t my thing. I wear primer to prolong the wear and help the finish of my makeup and for dewiness I tend to look to highlighters to do the job. It’s not terrible but it’s nothing overly exciting either. It can be used as a highlighter or eyeshadow base so that will be something I will give a try!

Purchase full-size?: Probably not

What samples have you been trying?


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