Brands I Want To Try in 2017

makeup, flatlay, sephora pro brush 55, origins, skincare, charlotte tilbury lipstick, chanel, ysl, sunday riley luna, ted baker, magic foundation, diptyque, white companyLong time, no see! I have been essentially buried under uni deadlines so I do apologise for leaving this place rather abandoned but hopefully I should be back posting again more regularly *fingers crossed* Anyway we may be in March already but I am still talking about the fact that it is 2017! Being a beauty hoarder enthusiast, I am always looking at new products and brands to try. Despite trying so many products, there is still plenty of brands that I am desperate to try out so I thought I would share what is next on my wishlist…

Estee Lauder 

Estee Lauder is such a classic beauty brand yet their makeup line has always seemed to be under my radar. They have so many classic cult products including the ever so popular Double Wear foundation, yet I am still yet to delve into the brand. I have actually already made a purchase, being the Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter so this brand will quickly be ticked off my list. However, there is still many products I would love to get my hands on!

Products to try: Double Wear Light Foundation, Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Lipstick, Pure Colour Envy Blush (ooo that ombre!) and DayWear BB creme.

Tom Ford 

If there is one beauty brand I’ve been desperate to try for far too long it is Tom Ford. I mean who wouldn’t want one of those luxurious products in their stash!? The entire range from packaging to colour range is stunning although does come with a very steep price tag which is the main reason I haven’t caved yet! However, there is just far too many positive reviews on the brand and a tube of TF lippy would really look the part on my dressing table…

Products to try: Matte Lip Colour, Eye Colour Quad (Nude Dip looks gorgeous!) and Nail Lacquer (African Violet is top of the wishlist!)

charlotte tilbury, hot lips, kissing, matte revolution, lipstick collection, soap and glory, sephora air foundation brush 55, magic foundation

Giorgio Armani 

Another luxurious brand that I have heard so much about is Armani. Again the range simply looks the part as you would expect from the luxury brand. They also have a great range of unique products that could certainly be welcomed into my makeup collection. Again their products are pricey but the brand always appear to have nailed it on quality!

Products to try: Eye Tint, Lip Magnet, Lip Maestro, and Power Fabric foundation.


There seems to be a luxury theme to this list, apologies, I really am the worst influence on my bank account! Again I’ve heard so much about the amazing Dior makeup range yet I still have not managed to try anything out! Their products are also gorgeous to look at which is always nice! From their bases to their lip collection, there is so many hyped cult products that I just need to get my hands on!

Products to try: Addict Lip Glow, Creme De Rose Lip Balm, Nude BB Cream and Star Fluid foundation.

What brands would you like to try?


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8 thoughts on “Brands I Want To Try in 2017

  1. Aw I was wondering where you’d gone! So good to see a post from you! 🙂
    I love these types of posts – I made like this last year and I did actually end up trying quite a few from my list.
    The Estee Lauder blushes are lovely! I have a few of them but not the ombre.
    I have Dior on my list to try too – at least a lipstick. I have tried their nail polishes and they’re divine!
    I want to try Makeup Geek makeup this year – not expensive but more effort for me to get here. 😛

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    • Aw thanks! Yeah its been a while haha! Yeah its nice to make a list and try and finally buy things I’ve wanted for too long! The Estee Lauder blushes look so pretty! Dior seem to be pretty hyped up in regards to their lip products so yeah I would definitely like to see what all the fuss is about there! Their nail polishes look lovely too, I may have to add one to my list! Makeup Geek eyeshadows are amazing! I’ve not bought anything from them in a while but their eyeshadows are such great quality and super affordable! Damn, I hope you can get your hands on some as it is definitely a good brand to try out!


  2. I have also been dying to try Tom Ford products; especially their lipsticks. I have always been loyal to Chanel when it comes to high-end lipsticks but I want to venture out. The Tom Ford packaging is mesmerising!

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  3. All these brands sound amazing!!! Wish I could afford them 🙂 When you try the Estee Lauder highlighter you should definitely make a post and let us know how you like it and if it was worth the price tag!

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    • They do indeed! I have been loving the Estee Lauder BB Highlighter, it is super brightening under the eyes! Although Mac do a good under eye highlighter pen which is a little cheaper yet still a great product! Sorry for the late reply haha!


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