An Introduction To Kat Von D

kat-von-d-everlasting-liquid-lipstick-double-dare-outlaw-lovesick-mother-tattoo-trooper-eyeliner-majick-lolitaAs an all-round beauty lover I do get rather excited by the release of new products but nothing quite like the excitement of hearing that Kat Von D’s makeup line is finally available in the UK. *celebration dance*  It could get even better with the rumours of Sephora opening in the UK but let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Back to KVD however, I have accumulated quite a few products from the range that I just have to share!

As a bit of a liquid lipstick hoarder obviously I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. I have four (so far!) in total, two in full size and two minis from sets. I picked up the shades Lovesick and Mother from Debenhams, both of which fall into the pink-y mauve plum-y toned shades, my favourite! The other two are popular shades being Double Dare, a gorgeous rosy toned shade which came in the London Calling set exclusive to Debenhams and Outlaw a beautiful bold red that I picked up from Love Me Beauty. The formulation is also amazing in that it offers a comfortable finish that is easy to apply and lasts well.

From both my miniature sets I picked up, I received an eyeliner and lipstick in each. The Debenhams set offers a mini of the iconic Tattoo Liner in Trooper that I have been desperate to try for years! I used to wear eyeliner constantly and then went off it but this is definitely swaying me back towards the liner look! From first use I knew this one is well worth the hype. It is intensely pigmented and has such a fine nib which makes it perfect for applying close to the lash line. Most importantly though, the brush tip makes it incredibly easy to use and perfect for a liner noob like me!  On the other hand, Love Me Beauty were offering the Ink Liner which I didn’t even realise was different but is! Again it is very similar except the good part in which instead of the brush tip it has a normal pen style tip making it not as easy to use! So without a doubt, go for the tattoo liner!

Finally, each set also featured one of the Studded Kiss lipsticks. The two shades I picked up were Lolita, a classic KVD shade being a beautiful chestnut rose shade and Magick, a light dusty pink. I have only worn Lolita once so I can’t say much but it felt comfortable on the lips, it did start to slightly feather though on the lips and it didn’t exactly blow me away, nevertheless I am sure they will both still get the wear!

kat-von-d-beauty-swatches-everlasting-liquid-lipstick-lovesick, mother, double dare, outlaw, lolita, magick, studded kiss lipstick, tattoo liner, trooper, ink liner

(L to R) Lovesick, Mother, Double Dare, Outlaw, Lolita, Magick, Tattoo Liner (Trooper), Ink Liner (Trooper)


 What are your favourite KVD products?


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20 thoughts on “An Introduction To Kat Von D

    • Thanks so much! The tattoo liner is incredible, best I’ve used! I’ve only got Lolita in lipstick form but the liquid lipstick one looks gorgeous and I love the formula! Thanks! I actually use my iPhone 6! I did a whole post on my photography actually!


      • I often hear that the lipstick is actually a lot better, it’s always sold out at my Sephora :/. No way! I use my iPhone 6 too and I’m always so disappointed by how the photos turn out haha. Definitely going to go give your post a read- thank you for the heads up! Xoxo

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh really! Damn that’s annoying! Yes really haha, it is actually quite an impressive camera for being a phone camera, they have definitely came a long way! No bother, I have a few tips in there for using a phone which make such a big difference!


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