October Goals

october-goals-lifestyle-blog-blogger-autumn-2016-mac-russian-red-lipstick-d-for-danger-necklace-asos-marble-aldoWell, hello October! Things are starting to feel a lot more autumn-y and just like that time of year! I mean just today I seen Lush’s Christmas collection in stores, gah! Scary or what, even scarier is the fact that I only have another two more goals post of the year before we hit the very dramatic yearly resolutions, eeek! Anyway here is my goals for the month ahead!

  • Keep to a low-buy
  • Start saving again for investment pieces
  • Get prepared early for uni assignments
  • Get my blogging mojo back!
  • Finish my last big wardrobe clearout

What are your goals for the month?


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6 thoughts on “October Goals

  1. Similar goals for me! Closet/makeup cleaning and organizing, working on the blog and database (actually I have a couple on the go…), and enjoying the last bit of nice weather this month with the family. 😀

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    • They so are! It feels so rewarding clearing the clutter out of my wardrobe! I donate a lot to charity too and also if any are in really bad condition I will just bin them! Any that are of good value I sell too which gives me a bit of cash to reinvest in new pieces!

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    • Thank you! Good luck cleaning out your closet, it’s took me so long but it is so rewarding! There is so much I want to save up for (mostly bags!) but right now I am desperate to get my hands on a Saint Laurent tote bag!

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