Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette

becca-ombre-rouge-palette-makeup-eyeshadow-beauty-review-swatches-autumn-fall-red-berry-warm-toned-mac-217The Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette is a palette I have been reaching for a lot recently yet despite owning it for a while it seems to have gone under the radar in terms of blog posts. I haven’t mentioned this one much at all yet this simple but pretty palette is definitely one that deserves a second glance at in the beauty aisles.

From the first look at this palette, it is fairly simple with only five neutral shades. However the shades and performance of them make this a great staple to have in any eyeshadow collection. The shade range itself is neutral in tone but such a pretty selection of warm toned shades great for the upcoming season. The shades are arranged from the lightest to the darkest shade making it super easy to create a simple but defined eye look that can go from day to night. The shades vary with a selection of matte and satin finishes but across the board, the pigmentation is impressive with each shade having great colour pay-off. The formulas are also impressive in terms of longevity and last well on my oily eye lids even without primer which is quite a bonus!

The palette retails for £36 which is pricey for only five shades particularly when you can get a larger palette like the Urban Decay Naked palettes for around the same price however it does make a great everyday palette in my collection. The quality of the palette also makes this well worth the extra pennies! Definitely a palette that shouldn’t be overlooked!

Are you a fan of this palette?


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7 thoughts on “Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette

  1. I was really really disappointed in this palette. You remember my scathing review of it? 😉 😛
    I know Ingrid will agree with your review… I was influenced by her glowing review of it! 😆 I don’t HATE the palette, just let down by the hype.

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    • I do remember your review haha! That’s the thing with beauty, you can really love something that someone else hates lol! There is a lot of hype around such a simple palette but I do love the quality of it!


    • I would completely understand why! It definitely is high in price for being only five shades! It is such a nice palette, I really do love it but it definitely isn’t an essential, there is great cheaper alternatives out there!


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