August Goals

august-goals-lifestyle-blog-blogger-life-summerMy birthday month is finally here, yippee! As well as the fact we are now in the eighth month of the year, it means that Christmas isn’t long off the cards either! Sorry for dropping the c-word! I do love this time of year as Summer begins to close down and there is much excitement ahead! Anyway looking just to the month ahead, here is my goals for the month!

  • Get outdoors more
  • Cut down on unnecessary snacking
  • Treat my self on my birthday
  • Enjoy my birthday
  • Give my wardrobe a strict detox (again!)


What do you wish to achieve this month? 


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P.S. I am experiencing technical difficulties again (sigh!) so please bear with me for the time being as that may mean a lack of blog posts over the next while!


12 thoughts on “August Goals

  1. I think I also need to “Give my wardrobe a strict detox” too! As I pack for Brisbane, I realised that in my wardrobe, there are lots of clothes and shoes which need to be sorted out or give away. Thank you for sharing and reminding Lauren! Cheers~

    Vivienne X

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    • No bother Vivienne! It is so rewarding giving your wardrobe a good clear out! It takes time especially when you’ve got a lot of clothes haha but so worth it! Best of luck with your wardrobe detox!

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