May Goals


If I had to describe myself, I would probably say that I am a goal-orientated person. I always like to have some sort of either mental or written aims of what I would like to achieve in a space of time whether it be personally or academically. In order to get the best out of something and to avoid wasting too much time, setting goals can be very useful. I’ve covered annual goals here on the blog before but not necessarily monthly goals. I enjoy reading goal related posts and thought I would get involved too in sharing my goals for the month ahead however simple they may be.

  • Study hard
  • Ace my exams
  • Get my hands on the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette (yup, real life goal right there)
  • Clean out my Summer wardrobe
  • Reorganise my shelves


What do you wish to achieve this month? Do you like this new feature?


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14 thoughts on “May Goals

  1. Loved this! I can definitely relate 🙂 good luck with all of them – especially your exams! Having beautiful stationary always got me through 😉 heehee

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