How to Spend More Time Offline

How-to-spend-more-time-offline-things-to-do-not-onlineHaving spent a lot of time offline recently with a much reduced usage of internet and social media since my personal desktop decided to essentially crash and burn, I have much seen the benefits of less online time. We live in a digital age and it is scary to think about how much we rely on the internet. Yet whilst it has its many benefits (like blogging!) it is also nice to have time without, rather than spending hours searching the new-in page on ASOS. We can all admit to wasting so much time online browsing so I thought I would round up some of the ways we can enjoy our time outside of the online world.

  • Have a dedicated online time and stick to it
  • Go for a walk
  • Conquer that book list
  • Bake some sweet treats
  • Clear out your wardrobe/beauty storage
  • Give yourself a fresh manicure
  • Take on some fitness such as running, yoga etc.
  • Get crafty – good with paint?
  • Visit friends/family
  • Visit a local attraction such as a museum/art gallery
  • Take a day trip
  • Redecorate
  • Clean your makeup brushes!

How do you spend time offline?


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15 thoughts on “How to Spend More Time Offline

  1. I’m not glued to my computer, but I really should read more! I have a whole backlog of books on my Kindle… And I love checking out museums and the like, but there aren’t many good ones where I live. I have done some baking recently, so I checked that off on your list 😉

    Sorry to hear about your computer troubles – hope it all gets sorted out, soon!

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  2. It is definitely important to have a balance with online and offline time, spent on yourself or with your loved ones. My hubby pointed out to me the other day how much I spend time being online than spending time with him. So it is safe to say that I can not stop being around internet, but I told him I would try to limit my time online, though it is easy to say I would cut my internet time when I know it would probably be difficult to act on it. I think I may have an addiction! 😦 But I do agree with your suggestions, and those are somethings I love to do usually on myself, but lately I don’t know what happen! :/ x

    Caryl –

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    • Totally agree! You really do need a balance but yeah it is super easy to rely on the internet and so difficult to come away from it! It’s definitely about making more small steps to spending more time offline!

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