March Favourites

March Favourites Beauty Hourglass Blush Diffused Heat Clarins Concealer Mac Whirl lip liner Gerard Cosmetics Mauve 90s kylie jenner lip Soap and GloryHello everyone! Firstly, apologies for my absence recently! If you follow me on Instagram then you may be aware of my technical issues I’ve been having lately at home meaning I haven’t been able to blog! I’m still having issues with no working desktop and going through the pain of the terrible WordPress app and mobile website! Anyway I obviously have managed to post today however I can’t promise my usual schedule again yet! I will of course update you all later and apologies for being late in responding to comments etc! Anyway on today’s post, it is time for another monthly favourites as March is officially (nearly) over! I don’t have a load of favourites this month but I have a few products that I kept returning to over the last few weeks!

Starting with base/cheek products, I had been in a bit of a concealer rut recently! Whilst I mentioned the UD concealer in my favourites last month, I really can’t get away with the shade right now so I have to turn elsewhere. The Clarins Instant Concealer has been my go-to over the month, it is fresh and lightweight and whilst I prefer it for my under eyes opposed to blemishes as the coverage is quite light, it has done a not too bad job. Most importantly though, the colour actually matches my skin! Hoorah!
Another rediscovery this month has been the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat. I’ve also been in a bit of a blush rut recently, feeling rather uninspired by my blush options. Although I went back to this beauty and have been obsessed. The coral-y shade is perfect for this time of year when the sun is finally appearing. The formula is also beautiful and the blush just looks so uplifting and glowy on the cheeks.
My routine lately has been all about the lip products. I am truly obsessed with the dusky pink/rosy nude shades (you know the one!) at the moment which is pretty evident from my next favourites. The first is the Soap and Glory lipstick in the shade Perfect Day which is a gorgeous rosy brown colour. This shade is in their satin finish range so is super creamy yet pigmented and long lasting. I honestly think these lipsticks are so underrated as the quality is superb however sadly I believe this line is being discontinued since they have all been reduced. I believe I picked this shade up for a mere £4 so if you have stock near you, I highly recommend picking one up! Alongside this lipstick, I have loved pairing it with Mac Whirl lip liner. At first, I did think it was a little too brown for my liking but it happens to be a perfect match for the lipstick and of course the Mac formula is fab!
Lastly, I have grew a bit of an obsession with liquid lipsticks. I basically want them all! I picked up a couple from Gerard Cosmetics and I have been so impressed. The shade Cher appeared it would be too dark on me at first however I am loving it! The shade is a deep mauve colour that is super flattering. The formula isn’t the most comfortable but it isn’t terrible either and it also offers incredible longevity! I need more!!
What have you been loving lately?

16 thoughts on “March Favourites

  1. I’ve been wanting to try the mac whirl lip liner for a while now ever since I bought this colorpop lipstick in a dark brown, I felt this lip liner with really help me outline my lips and now after reading your mini review on it, I’m sure to go buy it now.

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  2. Sorry to hear about your technical issues at home – I can’t imagine blogging via mobile. It’s bad enough sometimes I read blogs on the app – just not the same!
    That Soap & Glory lipstick looks great – too bad they don’t carry the makeup line here, just the body stuff!

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    • Thanks! It is such a pain at the moment! Yeah the mobile app and mobile website are both really bad! Totally not functional! Yes the S&G lipstick is super nice, it sucks you don’t have access to the makeup range cause they have quite a few gems in their line!


  3. This speaks to me sooo much Lauren as I’ve been in a bit of a blush rut too huni… who knew it could happen??! lol That Hourglass looks beeeeauitful… though I seem to be swaying towards cream blushes at the moment as they tends to hold the dewiness on my skin much better. Think I must be dehydrated or something! :-/ Awesome post lovely lady!!!!! Karen xoxo

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    • Aw thank you Karen 🙂 Yes well having said that now I have definitely solved my blush issue when I bought three in like a week haha! No more blushers for me for a while lol! The hourglass one is so beautiful though! Oh yes I am more of a powder girl but I am looking forward to getting my cream blushes out for Spring! There is definitely something about that dewy flush of colour ❤

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