How To Wear A Matte Lip

How to do Matte lipsMatte lips are truly having their moment just now. I can totally understand why though as I love a good long lasting matte lip. Knowing that my lipstick will stay in place and look nice is a big deal so I do have a thing for matte lips which always does the trick. Although we are all pretty much aware that going matte has its issues. Many matte lip products can be drying or uncomfortable due to cracked or dry lips so it is vital that lips are well prepped before hand. I thought I would share a few pointers to keeping your lips looking in tip top shape whilst rocking a matte finish.


Thinking on similar grounds to your skin, if you have dry flaky skin then exfoliation is your best friend. Similarly, as you would with your skin, you apply to your lips. Ensuring your lips are smooth and rid of any dry patches, using a lip scrub can help create a good base. There are plenty of lip scrubs available now, heck you could even make your own, DIY style! Although I will always love the Lush Lip Scrubs, effectively gets the job done and tastes nice too! Another good method for ensuring your lips are super smooth is to brush them with a toothbrush, sounds gruesome but it really works at peeling away dead skin.


Again like you would with skin after exfoliating is add a boost of moisture. It is important to ensure you retain levels of moisture in your lips so they are well hydrated especially under matte lipsticks. Investing in a good lip balm is key and a product everyone needs in their stash. For under lipstick, I am currently loving the new Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfecting Base, the perfect base for lipstick which makes my lips feel super soft and comfortable under drying lip products.


As well as matte lips, lip liner is really having a thing too at the moment. I am definitely cool with that though as adding in that extra step can do all the difference. For long lasting colour, filling in your lips using a liner can help pro-long the wear of your lipstick and also prevent the colour fading unevenly. Having a lined base underneath means when your lipstick starts to fade, your lips can still retain colour from the liner stain. My favourite lip liners are the Mac ones as they are super creamy and apply easily.


Once you’ve given your lips the perfect prep, it’s finally time to apply your favourite matte lippy! Then to give your lips a final boost of longevity, by placing a tissue over your lips you can dust translucent powder over to set your lipstick in place.

What is your tips for wearing matte lips?


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