Life Lately #1

Life LatelyIt’s hard to believe that the first month of the year has nearly came to an end! January always tends to be the most difficult month of the year coping with the aftermath of Christmas. This month was definitely a lot more busy than last month with the chill time round Christmas and being back at uni means I am having to get back into a more hectic schedule again. Before I forget, If you are reading the title of this post with slight confusion then just to address I have decided to change things up slightly with my Monthly round up post. Nothing major, just a new name which I am going with ‘Life Lately’ which just seems a little more interesting! I don’t mean to seem cliched but it is nice to start things a fresh come a new year and I am looking forward to another year of blogging and hopefully this year I can really find my footing with my blog. Also, there will not be a monthly playlist this month since I did my 2015 playlist!

Anyway as I said earlier I am back at uni again! I had exams at the start of the month which did take up a good bit of my time and wasn’t the nicest feeling especially right after Christmas but oh well that’s life! Now that I have started back properly again, it will be a bit of a struggle with blogging like last year as I can expect. I don’t have a lot of free time in between uni and working so fitting in time to dedicate to my blog is difficult although I will be trying my best to stick to my usual schedule! I can only apologize though if I do miss a post or two and happen to be less engaging on other blogs! Hopefully though I will try to get into a routine of some sort and be a little more organised!

Speaking of being organised and all that jazz, you may have seen I mentioned about being on a stricter budget this year in my 2016 goals. This month I have began taking a note of what I am letting myself purchase and also setting myself a monthly budget. To be honest I didn’t do too badly although there was a few more spendy purchases than I would have liked but I mean there was a few good sale purchases and I did pick up a few things I would have bought in the next month anyway! I did tick off a certain nail polish from my 2016 wishlist and I also finally got my hands on the Oskia cleansing gel I had my eye on for ages! It just happened to be my luck that a lot of my skincare products ran out at the wrong time!

I also developed a strong(er) passion for candles over the month. I don’t know whether it’s been the poor weather or just the need to get through my collection of candles everywhere but I have had a few on the go this month! I now have my eye on the beauty that is the limited edition Diptyque Rosaviola candle which just has the most beautiful packaging! I am not the biggest fan of rose scented things but it does have a violet scent too so I will need to go give this one a little sniff first! February purchase, who knows?

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What did you get up to this month?


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6 thoughts on “Life Lately #1

  1. I’ve been really into candles lately too. I used never burn them but I’ve been enjoying having that warm glow and comforting scent.
    It’s great that you’re keeping your budget in check. January is the only month I’m allowing myself to spend without a budget (if you’ve seen my haul posts this month, you’ll know what I mean!), then I’m adhering to my monthly allotment.

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    • I know same! I could totally get used to my room smelling of cinnamon and berries, ah heaven 🙂 Haha yeah! I am trying my best, January wasn’t the best month for being too strict as I kept picking up bargains that cropped up every now and then! Although hopefully next month will be more stricter and I will only pick up a few bits!

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